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Here you can see our large selection of guides. We really want to help you get started with your daily routines - both when it comes to shaving, beard care, face care and body care. Below you will also find tips for choosing the right shaving brush and scraper, advice on how to best store your shaving gear on the go and how to find your skin type. We also tell you how to make a delicious, hot shaving foam and create a real gourmet atmosphere in the bathroom. We are constantly coming up with even more guides, so finally keep an eye on the page.

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Difference between MÜHLE R 89, MÜHLE R 89 Grande and MÜHLE R 89 Twist -*
Difference between MÜHLE R 41, MÜHLE R 41 Grande and MÜHLE R 41 Twist -*
Difference between MÜHLE R 89 and MÜHLE R 41 - Closed comb vs. Open comb -*

Which razors and brushes fit a specific stand (will be updated continuously) -

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Proshave recommends:

Proshave recommends - Pomade -*
Proshave recommends - Clay -*
Proshave recommends - Beard Shampoo -*
Proshave recommends - Beard Oil -*
Proshave recommends - Beard Balm -*

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How to change the Razor Blade in a Double Edge Razor:

It is super easy to change the blade in a double edge scraper.
We have made a couple of video sequences that show how easy it is.

Note that all the video sequences are available in HD quality and full screen.
To view the clips in high resolution, just click the HD button at the bottom of the player.
The button to the right of HD shows you the clip in full screen.

Also look a little further down the page to see how to distinguish a Mercury Vision
and how a Dovo Travel Brush works.

Merkur HD (34C):

Merkur Progress:

Merkur 38C:

Merkur Futur:

Merkur Vision:

Merkur Classic (33C):

Merkur 23C Long Handle:

Merkur Travel Razor:

Merkur 42C:

How to disassemble and assemble a Merkur Vision:

Here you can see how to disassemble and assemble a Merkur Vision.
Merkur recommends that you regularly clean and scrape with a soft brush to remove dirt and soap residue.
In addition, it is a good idea to put the scraper in vinegar for a few minutes from time to time. The vinegar dissolves limescale deposits.
If you keep your Vision clean, you are sure that the moving parts will continue to function as they should.

Dovo Travel Brush

Here you can see how to open a Dovo Travel Brush and subsequently repack it.