Proshave sells Sedef shavettes with and without blades. Sedef is a Turkish manufacturer that makes very good quality shavettes at a very low price.

A shavette is a good place to start if you just want to see if a straight razor is right for you before investing in a more expensive one. Of course, a shavette cannot be compared to a real straight, but you will be able to practice your technique and get a good shave.

These shavettes use disposable blades. So you always get a sharp blade, ensuring a close and comfortable shave every single time.

Sedef Shavette, Black
A classic Shavette. Uses Half Blades.
Sedef Set with Shavette, Derby Blades & Mühle Shave Gel
A classic Shavette incl. 100 x Derby Half Blades and Shave Gel.
A classic Shavette incl. 100 x Derby Half Blades.
Before 19.20 €