Murdock London

Murdock London was founded in 2006, out of a passion for classic English style and traditional barbershop culture. The goal was to revive the noble art of men's grooming and offer a modern twist on the timeless ritual. With the first store opened in the heart of London's Shoreditch, Murdock quickly became a recognized name among style-conscious men seeking quality, excellence and a unique experience.

Discover the sophistication and quality that Murdock London brings to everyday grooming.
With a proud tradition of craftsmanship and innovation, Murdock London offers a premium collection of grooming products, created for the modern man who values quality and style.

From luxurious shaving creams and beard oils to exclusive hair care products. Each and every product in this range is carefully selected to offer a unique grooming experience.

Murdock London stands for more than 'just' products; it is a way of life, a sense of sophisticated class that is transmitted through every use. These products are inspired by London's traditional barbershops, where each product is designed to care for, enhance and revitalize skin and hair.

For hams seeking the ultimate in grooming, Murdock London offers an unrivaled blend of quality and elegance. See the collection and be inspired by the best in men's care products. Murdock London is not just a choice; it is a statement of quality and a tribute to the modern man's sense of finesse.

Murdock Preshave Oil, 50 ml.
Protective pre-shave. Perfect for thick, strong stubble.
Murdock Shaving Gel, 250 ml.
Shaving gel perfect for a quick and smooth shave.
Murdock Shaving Cream, 200 ml.
Soft, luxurious shaving cream that creates a perfect glide.
Murdock Aftershave Balm, 150 ml.
Soothing aftershave with a cooling effect from menthol.
Murdock Beard Shampoo, 250 ml.
Gentle but effective shampoo to clean and care.
Murdock Beard Oil, 50 ml.
Luxurious oil specially formulated to nourish and soften.
Murdock Beard Moisturiser, 150 ml.
Moisturizes the beard and soothes the skin.
Murdock Beard Conditioner, 250 ml.
Softening and strengthening balm for the beard.
Murdock Beard Balm, 50 gr.
Nourishing beard balm that softens and moisturizes.
Murdock Beard Brush
Beautiful, handmade beard brush.
Murdock Deodorant, Black Tea, 75 gr.
Effective deodorant with refreshing notes.
Murdock Body Wash, Black Tea, 250 ml.
Cleansing, invigorating and refreshing body wash.
Murdock Shampoo, Quince & Oakmoss, 250 ml.
Cares and cleans. Leaves hair soft and fragrant.
Murdock Strengthening Shampoo, Black Tea, 250 ml.
Cares and cleans. Leaves hair soft and fragrant.
Murdock Conditioner, Quince & Oakmoss, 250 ml.
Nourishing conditioner that moisturizes and nourishes the hair.
Murdock Matt Mud, 50 gr.
Provides strong hold and a matte finish.
Murdock Vintage Pomade, 50 gr.
Gives strong hold, shine and definition to your hair.
Murdock Texture Paste, 50 gr.
Provides a flexible hold and a matte finish.
Murdock Sea Salt Volume Mousse, 150 ml.
Lift the hair roots, achieve volume and give hold.
Murdock Sea Salt Spray, 150 ml.
Creates instant volume and a matte texture.
Murdock Textured Hair Cream, 150 ml.
Ultimate hydration and control for curls or afro hair.
Murdock Textured Hair Oil, 50 ml.
Hair oil that adds shine and nourishment to the hair.
Murdock Cologne, Patchouli, 100 ml.
Delicious, intense fragrance with a warm, sensual expression.
Murdock Cologne, Black Tea, 100 ml.
Enthralling blend of spices, cedar and amber.
Murdock Cologne, Avalon, 100 ml.
Characteristic and refreshing blend of herbal and citrus notes.
Murdock Cologne, Vetiver, 100 ml.
Clean scent with citrus and muted woody notes.
Murdock Cologne, Black Tea, 50 ml.
Enthralling blend of spices, cedar and amber.
Murdock Travel Kit, King's Road, Black Tea
Travel set filled with Murdock bestsellers.
Murdock Gift Set, Beard Heroes
Three of Murdock's best-selling beard products.
Murdock Gift Set, Cologne Collection
Travel sizes of the 4 delicious colognes.
Murdock Gift Set, Redchurch St. Collection
Beard oil, beard wash, beard brush and moisturizing cream.