Esprit de Valdemar

At this site, you will find the popular products from oldest perfume company in the Nordic Countries, Esprit De Valdemar.

Esprit De Valdemar is synonymous with a classic old-school shave. In the assortment you will find a selection of products that can be used as an aftershave, as a scent for the whole body - and if you want a real classic, the products can be used as scented water for the hair.

Esprit de Valdemar was founded by pharmacist Mads Graa Aarsleff in Vordingborg in 1836, when the first Eau de Cologne was launched. The brand's name is inspired by the Valdemar Kings of history: Valdemar the Great who founded Vordingborg Castle, Valdemar Victory and Valdemar Atterdag who constructed the Goose Tower. The goose tower is also Esprit de Valdemar's trademark.

Esprit de Valdemar gained great popularity and also became a Purveyor to the Royal Court. Over the years, several products were added to the assortment that now includes Portugal, Ice Esprit, Brillantine, and Fougere.

Esprit de Valdemar Ice Esprit, 600 ml.
Cooling and refreshing hairtonic with menthol.
Esprit de Valdemar Portugal, 600 ml.
Aftershave lotion and hairtonic with essential oils and a fresh citrus scent.
Esprit de Valdemar Fougere, 600 ml.
Used as a hairlotion or as a scent for the whole body.
Esprit de Valdemar Pyrin Sprit, 600 ml.
Cooling and refreshing. Can be used as hairlotion and aftershave lotion.
Esprit de Valdemar Brillantine, 200 ml.
Hairoil that adds hold and prevents dry hair.