The Holy Black

It simply does not become more masculine than this. Whiskey, spices, and gunpowder. The products from American The Holy Black are shipped directly from a cool barber shop in the narrow streets of New York - and have now landed at Proshave.

The brand is inspired by traditional barbershops and barber salons. Stefan Vincent, who is behind the company, had a grandfather who was a barber in Brooklyn. When Stefan was old enough, he inherited all the amazing shaving equipment. He learned how to use the equipment and started collecting vintage scrapers. He quickly became a fan of the classic wet shave and felt attracted by its parallels to a bygone era.

Stefan tried countless shaving soaps, shaving creams, and aftershaves in search of the perfect shave. He also began experimenting with making his own products from perfume-free creams and essential oils. Eventually, he took a step further, deciding that others should also benefit from his products. He created The Holy Black in 2013.

The products make you think of a traditional barber shop. The scents are based on the original formulas of old classics - and designed to look retro but with a modern twist. In the assortment, you will find the popular snake oil, shaving cream, aftershave, face cream, hair wax in various variants, body-bar, beard balm, DE-scraper, shaving brush, and shavette of very high quality.


Moisturizer and Aftershave in one.
Before 26.70 €
Adds medium hold and a matte finish.
Before 26.70 €
Adds medium hold and high shine.
Before 26.70 €
The Holy Black Matte Texture Powder, 20 gr.
Hair powder that adds volume and a matte finish.
The Holy Black SR-71 Safety Razor
A solid Razor in a lovely, masculine design.
The Holy Black SR-71 Safety Razor, Slant
Solid razor in a masculine design. Oblique razor head.
The Holy Black Shavette, Bone
Shavette with handle of bone. Uses half blades.
The Holy Black Barber Cape
Shaving cap in XL. Perfect for any barbershop or hairdresser.
The Holy Black Custom Shop Rags, 3 pcs.
Rags with The Holy Black logo. Made of cotton.
The Holy Black Key Lanyard
Keychain with The Holy Black logo.
The Holy Black Label Pin
Show that you are on The Holy Black team.
The Holy Black Snake Oil, 30 ml.
Super delicious Beard Oil. The Holy Black calls it a magic elixir.
The Holy Black Barber Costume, Fiber
Brush with soft, effective fibers. 23 mm. knot.
The Holy Black Beard Balm, 85 gr.
Adds plenty of moisture and care to the beard. Medium hold.
The Holy Black Aftershave Tonic, 250 ml.
Aftershave based on Whiskey. Only for real men!
The Holy Black Shaving Cream, 118 ml.
Creates a feeling of a New Yorker barber salon on your own bathroom.