Pitralon is synonymous with tradition, quality, and no nonsense. Despite a history dating back to 1927, the brand still appeals to modern men who want high-quality, authentic products at a good price.

When Pitralon's first product was launched by Karl August Linger, personal hygiene had just become a featured topic in the community. The first product was an Eau de Toilette with a strong antiseptic effect, just like a traditional aftershave.

Since then, several aftershaves - and pre-shaves - have been added to the assortment. Whether you choose Pitralon Classic, Pitralon Original, or Pitralon Polar, you are guaranteed a perfect start and end to your daily shave. All the products in the series feature masculine scent-notes of cedar, which are perfect for all men who appreciate tradition.

To this day, the products are still manufactured according to the original recipes. The production in Germany takes pride in manufacturing shaving products that reduce impurities, disinfect the skin, make the skin elastic and smooth, open blocked pores, and prevent oily skin.