men-ü is an award-winning series for men, consisting of shaving and skincare products. The series was developed in England by professional barbers and stylists, and for that reason you will find the products at exclusive salons, barbershops, and spas.

The reason men-ü has achieved so much success among men worldwide is that it is a modern brand that produces high quality modern products. A common denominator for all the products is that they make a difference!

men-ü has created a revolutionary series of efficient and ultra-concentrated products. The innovative concentration of ingredients means that you only need a small amount to get the full benefit from the product.

They are easy to use and made from very high quality ingredients. The products are manufactured to fit perfectly into an active man's lifestyle. The sizes are compact, and the packaging is convenient and has an easy open-close function that prevents accidental spilling of the product you are using. Therefore, you can easily have the products lying in your sports bag or bring them on a trip.

The assortment is complemented by exquisite Italian shaving brushes.

Gives a powerful and flexible hold.
Before 18.10 €
Set with Face gel, Face mask and Face cream.
Before 16.80 €