Lucky Tiger Liquid Face Wash, 240 ml.
Mild, effective facial cleanser. Removes dirt and provides optimal moisture.
Lucky Tiger Face Scrub, 150 ml.
Reducing ingrown hairs and gently buff away dead skin with this naturally formulation.
Lucky Tiger Face Moisturizer, 100 ml.
Moisturizes and protects. Without scent.
Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave, 150 ml.
Soften even the strongest beard. Has a fluid texture.
Lucky Tiger Head To Tail Deodorant & Body Spray, 100 ml.
Will wrap your body in a masculine scent without overpowering.
Lucky Tiger Aftershave, Aspen, 473 ml.
Aftershave that provides instant freshness.
Lucky Tiger Aftershave, Bay Rum, 473 ml.
Aftershave with alcohol. Relieves the skin and minimizes pores.
Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic, 473 ml.
Nourishes the hair and stimulates the scalp. Smells amazing.