Better Be Bold

BETTER BE BOLD is a German brand that stands for natural and innovative men's care. The brand combines 100% natural, vegan and sustainable care products with urban design, inspiration and lifestyle.

We are experiencing a great demand for products especially for balding men. Many balding men experience one of these challenges: Dry skin/scalp, sunburned scalp and shiny ice. Better Be Bold is the first brand on the market dedicated to balding men. The products solve precisely the above-mentioned challenges.

In the assortment you will find:

- Better Be Bold Creme - A moisturizer especially for the ice cream. Adds moisture, cares and gives a matting effect.
- Better Be Bold Face Cream/Aftershave Balm - Soothes, adds moisture and cares. Can of course be used on both the face and scalp.
- Better Be Bold Sunscreen - A delicious, non-greasy sunscreen developed especially for the bald ise. Can of course also be used on the face.
- Better Be Bold Gift box - with the delicious, effective products in it.

Better Be Bold Moisturizing No Hair Shampoo (0-6 mm.), 200 ml.
Cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the bald head. Made for 0-6 mm. hair.
Better Be Bold, Best Face Scenario, 2in1 Aftershave Balm & Face Cream, 50 ml.
Face cream and aftershave balm in one product. For all skin types.
Better Be Bold Alum Blok, Blood Stopper, 75 gr.
Minimizes irritation, burning and itching. Stops minor bleeding.
Better Be Bold, Gift Box For Bald People (Bald Cream + Best Face)
The perfect gift box for the man without hair on his head.
Better Be Bold Moisturizing Bald Cream (0-3 mm.) - Matt Effect, Sample, 5 ml.
The perfect cream for the head with a mattifying effect. Avoid a shiny face.
Better Be Bold Enamel Mug
Beautiful and practical enamel mug.