Proshave has created this outlet category, where you will find great products at a competitive price. The products in the category are set down so you can buy effective items on sale.

The outlet is a form of stock sale where we have placed some products that have, for example, been given new packaging, have been discontinued by the assortment or are simply the last product in its product group. All the products work to their full potential, giving you exclusive products at a low price.

Please note that there are not many pieces of each product in the outlet. Therefore, you must be quick if you are to buy the products before they disappear permanently from Proshave.dk.
Dunhill Century Eau de Parfum, 135 ml.
A fresh scent with woody notes. Super delicious!
Before EUR 93.70
Floris Oud & Cashmere Scented Reed Diffuser, 200 ml., WITHOUT BOX
Elegant scent diffuser that creates a subtle scent in your home.
Before EUR 84.50
Floris Cefiro Stars Gift
Star shaped gift box with hand cream and EdT.
Before EUR 42.20
Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited Deodorant Stick, 70 gr.
A fresh, modern and masculine scent.
Before EUR 21.40
Floris English Fern & Blackberry Room Fragrance, 100 ml., WITHOUT BOX
Blackberry juice with freshly collected ferns. Without box.
Before EUR 35.50
ZIRH Sensitive Skin Shave Cream, 250 ml.
Shaving cream for sensitive skin. Reduces irritation.
Before EUR 33.50
ZIRH Prepare, Electric Preshave Tonic, 100 ml.
Preshave specifically for shaving with electric shaver.
Before EUR 19.40
ZIRH Heavy Beard Shave Cream, 250 ml.
Shaving cream especially for heavy, coarse beards.
Before EUR 33.50
ZIRH Aloe Vera Shave Cream, 250 ml.
Delicious shaving cream with Aloe Vera. Reduces irritation.
Before EUR 26.10
ZIRH Platinum Repair, Deep Wrinkle Concentrate, 30 ml.
Advanced treatment for lines and wrinkles.
Before EUR 133.90
ZIRH Platinum PM Rescue, Night Time Firming Serum, 50 ml.
Luxurious facial serum that protects against lines and wrinkles.
Before EUR 127.20
ZIRH Hold, Flexible Hold Hair Gel, 100 ml.
Provides a long lasting, flexible hold.
Before EUR 19.40
ZIRH Fix, Targeted Skin Clearing Gel, 50 ml.
A real problem solver. Minimizes blackheads, impurities and redness.
Before EUR 36.90
Floris Peony & Rose Room Fragrance, 100 ml., WITHOUT BOX
A floral and warm scent of spring. Without box.
Before EUR 35.50
Wilde & Harte Gift Box with Fusion Razor and Shaving Brush, The Osterley
Fusion Razor and Shaving Brush with Best Badger.
Before EUR 495.80
Wilde & Harte Gift Box with Fusion Razor and Shaving Brush, The Eltham
Fusion Razor and Shaving Brush with Best Badger.
Before EUR 495.80
Mr Natty Travel Wash Kit, Shave
The ultimate travel kit for men.
Before EUR 69.60
Cella Beard Hygenic Gel, 150 ml.
Brilliant product! Disinfect the beard without using water.
Before EUR 13.30
Cella Shaving Cream, Tube, 150 ml.
Clear shaving cream. Perfect for precision shaving.
Before EUR 10.60
Mr Natty Wet vs Dry Package
Delicious Gift Set with Shower Gel and Towel.
Before EUR 29.40
Mr Natty Emergency Flair, Shave
Delicious gift set for a perfect shave.
Before EUR 36.10
Mr Natty Scrubs Up Proper Pack
Contains Facial Soap and Shaving Oil.
Before EUR 24.00
Mr Natty Face Forest Fix Up Pack
Set with Facial Soap and Beard Oil.
Before EUR 24.00
Meißner Tremonia Black Beer No.1 Shaving Cream, 200 ml.
Black Beer protective shaving cream.
Before EUR 25.30
Brooklyn Soap Company Grooming Clay, 90 gr.
Gives light hold and a natural finish.
Before EUR 33.40
Brooklyn Soap Company Classic Pomade, 90 gr.
Gives medium hold and high shine.
Before EUR 33.40
LEA Matrix 3 Titanium, Razor and 1 Blade (3 blades)
Multiblade-razor. Note: Will be discontinued when sold out.
Before EUR 6.60
Mondial Nobilis Aftershave Gel, 50 ml.
Moisturizing and soothing aftershave gel.
Before EUR 20.00
Mr Natty Silver Label Shave Soap, 80 gr.
Handmade shaving soap with real silk fibers. Has a refreshing scent.
Before EUR 25.30
Derby Samurai 3, Multi-blade Razor (1 razor and 5 razor blades)
Very low price. Note: Will soon be discontinued.
Before EUR 6.60