Proshave has created this outlet category, where you will find great products at a competitive price. The products in the category are set down so you can buy effective items on sale.

The outlet is a form of stock sale where we have placed some products that have, for example, been given new packaging, have been discontinued by the assortment or are simply the last product in its product group. All the products work to their full potential, giving you exclusive products at a low price.

Please note that there are not many pieces of each product in the outlet. Therefore, you must be quick if you are to buy the products before they disappear permanently from Proshave.dk.

Perfect for chopping herbs, slicing vegetables and cutting meat and fish.
Before 399.50 €
Apply this in your normal cream and achieve a nice glow in the skin.
Before 30.00 €
Anti-aging face cream that is non-greasy.
Before 23.45 €
Reduces visible signs of aging, stress and fatigue.
Before 23.45 €
Anti-aging serum. Can also be used as an aftershave.
Before 23.45 €
Face Care Set: Eye Cream, Serum and Cream.
Before 36.85 €
Deep cleansing facial cleanser.
Before 12.70 €
Moisturizing and healing oil that strengthens skin and beard.
Before 26.80 €
Moisturizing day cream with sun protection.
Before 33.50 €
Refreshing and caring shampoo for both skin and hair.
Before 20.10 €
Styling wax with strong hold.
Before 16.75 €
Mild but long-lasting antiperspirant deodorant roll-on.
Before 13.40 €
Effective but gentle cleaning product with watermelon seed oil.
Before 23.45 €
Deep cleansing eye masks, minimizes dark circles.
Before 13.40 €
Single Edge Razor with flexible razor head! Incl. stand.
Before 130.00 €
Fragrant luxury soap in super fine packaging. Perfect hostess gift.
Before 24.75 €
Shower gel and Body lotion in the Night Scented Jasmine series.
Before 64.75 €
Gift set with three exclusive scented candles.
Before 96.00 €
Texture spray with medium hold.
Before 32.70 €
Shampoo that removes brassy tones in the hair.
Before 25.30 €
3-in-1 unisex face lotion. Protects against pollution and environmental impact.
Before 55.50 €
Unisex face cream that refreshes and gives an instant glow.
Before 66.00 €
Concentrate that reduces the appearance of cellulite.
Before 38.70 €
Firming cream for arms, chest, abdomen and thighs.
Before 39.30 €
Nourishes and repairs intensely dry to very dry skin.
Before 39.30 €
A rich cream that leaves skin soft and well cared for.
Before 120.00 €
Reduces impurities and refines skin texture.
Before 40.00 €
Reduces impurities, tightens pores and refines skin texture.
Before 46.70 €
Provides plenty of moisture and leaves skin soft.
Before 33.30 €
Reduces the visibility of pigmentation.
Before 42.70 €
Refreshing toner for tired skin. Soothes, moisturizes and refreshes.
Before 10.70 €
Cream with anti-aging properties for normal and combination skin.
Before 66.00 €
Repairing anti-age night cream with active plant extracts.
Before 72.00 €
Softening hand mask with shea butter.
Before 6.70 €
Softening foot mask that prevents calluses.
Before 6.70 €
Exfoliating foot mask. Short date!
Before 12.00 €
Moisturizing eye masks with pomegranate.
Before 30.00 €
Cleansing and moisturizing sheet mask.
Before 3.40 €
Moisturizing sheet mask for dehydrated skin.
Before 3.40 €
Bodylotion and Eau de Toilette in the series Edwardian Bouquet.
Before 55.75 €
A Rose For... in two sizes: one for the bathroom and one for the bag.
Before 168.00 €
Hand cream and Eau de Toilette in the series Chypress.
Before 104.20 €
Fragrant luxury soap in super fine packaging. Perfect hostess gift.
Before 11.40 €
Bath Essence and Soap in the Rose Geranium series.
Before 90.75 €
Gift set with three exclusive scented candles.
Before 74.60 €
Nourishes and strengthens hair, without weighing it down.
Before 25.30 €
Cleanses hair while lightly moisturizing it, for daily use. For Normal / Dry hair.
Before 25.30 €
Cleanses without stripping the hair. Ideal for daily use. Normal / Oily hair.
Before 25.30 €
Thoroughly cleanses hair while removing excess product and particle buildup.
Before 25.30 €
Very nourishing shave gel with moisturising and emollient properties.
Before 18.00 €
Provide an all-in-one shaving experience.
Before 18.00 €
Lightweight Moisturizer for face and beard.
Before 27.40 €
Gives a strong hold for men with medium to long moustaches.
Before 27.40 €
A soft balm that tames and conditions the beard.
Before 27.40 €
Leave-in beard cleanser. Easy to use - and no water needed.
Before 27.40 €
Silky shaving cream that creates a rich, foamy lather.
Before 34.70 €
Hairspray that sives Medium hold and Natural Shine.
Before 49.30 €
Provides a workable medium hold and a silky matte finish.
Before 34.70 €
Styling foam that provides shape and manageability with medium shine.
Before 28.00 €
A simple, precise and powerful way to manipulate volume, control and texture.
Before 26.50 €
For heavy hold with high shine.
Before 34.70 €
A styling cream that combines flexibility with control.
Before 34.70 €
Leave-in treatment that invigorates the scalp, thickens the hair and improves hair volume.
Before 39.30 €
Gives easy hold and a natural shine.
Before 34.70 €
Face cream with SPF 15. Good as an aftershave balm.
Before 33.40 €
Moisturizing and nourishing shampoo. For normal / oily hair.
Before 18.60 €
Super delicious and fragrant hand cream.
Before 40.00 €
Effective hand cream with a refreshing scent.
Before 40.00 €