Irving Barber Company

The Irving Barber Company is behind the absolutely perfect, patented shavette that ensures a classic shave in the best possible way. The Irving Barber Company was founded in 2013 by two cousins who share more than twenty years of experience in the shaving industry. They noticed a constant flow of the same products on the market and were not happy with the assortment, so they decided that they wanted to offer a whole new opportunity to the men who prefer a real razor with interchangeable blades, ie a shavette.

The development phase took them many years, but with the help of leading experts in the field, they achieved the perfect result. The patented shavette has the great advantage that it can use both DE razor blades, half blades, and shavette blades. The shavette is equipped with a super smart, magnetic blade holder that ensures uniform blade exposure regardless of blade type.

In the series you will find shavettes in different materials, attractive accessories, and practical spare parts.


Irving Barber Company Shavette, Chrome
Replaceable Blade Straight Razor. Handle in chrome.
Irving Barber Company Shavette, Yellow Zinc & Chrome
Replaceable Blades Straight razor in super funky design.
Irving Barber Company Shavette, Matte Black & Chrome
Replaceable Blade Straight Razor in matte black and chrome-plated design.
Irving Barber Company Shavette, Matte Black & Gun Metal
Replaceable Blade Straight Razor in mat and gun metal design.