Bro Shaver

Bro Shaver is behind an absolutely amazing body shaver. An innovative scraper that allows you easily to shave the hair off your back. Bro Shaver is the best - and cheapest - solution for removing the hairs on your back or other large areas of your body. The method is not only painless, but it is also much faster and more economical than its alternatives. Forget about waxing, laser hair removal, and shaving with a small, ordinary scraper.

Bro Shaver's scraper head is 3 times the size of a regular scraper head. So you can easily remove hair from larger areas on your body such as arms, shoulders, and back without cutting yourself. Bro Shaver has a long handle, which allows you to manage the back-shaving on your own with the help of a mirror.

The great advantage of Bro Shaver is the price of the razor blades. Bro Shaver uses the inexpensive DE-Barberblade that cost only from DKK 2.50 a piece. The scraper has room for 3 DE-Barberblades - and these blades can be turned around so you use both sides. So a perfect back shave costs almost nothing when using a Bro Shaver. You will no longer need expensive razor blades if you choose a Bro Shaver.