At this site, you will find all the exquisite products from Floïd that make your shaving a real pleasure.

Since 1932, the grooming brand Floïd has endeavored to understand real men. The goal has not only been to create products but also to satisfy men's demands and needs based on two concepts: quality and convenience. Almost 80 years later, Floïd continues to be the prototype of character, authenticity, originality, and elegance. It is no wonder that - generation after generation - it has become one of the best-known and most valued brands.

Today, more than ever, the company continues to have a goal to update and improve its products - albeit with the same rooted essence. Floïd's latest assortment covers all the needs of a real man when shaving. You will find shaving gel, shaving cream, aftershave lotion, aftershave balm, eau de toilette, and shampoo in the superb product assortment.

Floïd Atomizer for 400 ml. bottles
Atomizer for 400 ml. Floïd bottles.
Floïd Shaving Foam, 300 ml.
Creamy foam that leaves the skin moisturized.
Floïd After Shave Balm, 125 ml.
Moisturizing after shave balm. Without alcohol.
Floïd Genuine After Shave Mild, 150 ml.
Mild after shave that relieves any irritation.
Floïd After Shave New Fragrance, 150 ml.
Relieves any irritation. Modern and masculine scent.
Floïd Anti-Hairloss Tonic, 125 ml.
For treatment of weak hair - Increases hair thickness.
Floïd 3i1 Shampoo, 250 ml.
Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one.
Floïd Hair Tonic Blue, 400 ml.
Hairtonic for white / grey hair. Reduces yellow shades.
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