Children - Products for kids

Only the best is good enough when it comes to care products for children and babies.

As parents, you don't have to worry about products with perfume and parabens, which is why we have carefully selected products with natural and organic ingredients that are suitable for delicate children's skin.

On this page you will find salves for the body and face, nail clippers, wipes and not least caring creams and soaps.

Klar Seifen Body Butter, Sensitive, Fragrance free, 60 gr.
Innovative body cream in solid form. Fragrance free.
Abbate Y La Mantia Hair- & Bodyshampoo, Baby, 400 ml.
Mild shampoo for the body and hair of babies and children.
Abbate Y La Mantia Face- & Bodylotion, Baby, 400 ml.
Mild lotion for the face and body of babies and children.
Klar Seifen Solid Stain Remover, 100 gr.
Stain remover in solid form. For even stubborn stains.
Klar Seifen Soap for Kids, 100 gr.
Cleanses and cares. Natural / organic ingredients. Without fragrances.
Zwilling Baby Nail Scissors
Nail Scissors for children and babies.
LEA WC Moist toilet Tissues, WC flushable, 54 pcs.
Moistened toilet paper that is flushable. Provides a greater cleanliness.