Old-fashioned shaving for modern men!

Osma is a French company, founded in 1957. For almost 60 years, Osma has manufactured the highest quality products for perfect wet shaving. Simplicity, authenticity, and quality are the foundation of the product line that  satisfies wet shaving enthusiasts worldwide on  a daily basis.

All the products in the series are made with respect for old, craftsman-like traditions, and the ingredients are carefully selected perfectly to fit men's skin. The products are made with more than 99% natural ingredients. They give your scraper a good glide and care for your skin, leaving it soft, attractive, and with a minimum of irritation.

Osma's products include Alum Block, Shaving Soap in a bowl, Shaving Soap as a refill, and nurturing Aftershave balm.

Bloc Osma Alum Block, 75 gr.
Closes the pores and stops small bleeding.
Osma Shaving Soap, Refill for plastic Bowl, 100 gr.
Refill for Osma's Shaving Soap in plastic bowl.
Osma Hemo Stop Styptic Pencil, 12 gr.
Stops minor bleeding if the accident is out.
Osma Shaving Soap in glass Bowl, 130 gr.
Nourishing shaving soap at a good price.
Osma Aftershave Balm, 50 gr.
Reduces irritation and soothes the skin.