Sale: Preshave

Here you will find the Preshaves that are on offer at Proshave at favorable prices.

A preshave enters and lifts the beards off the face so the scraper grabs the stumps. It softens the beard and provides a protective layer to prepare the skin for the scraper. The preshaven provides a smoother glide over the skin - thus reducing the risk of irritation and beard plague and ensuring you get a closer and far more comfortable shave.

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Cella Preshave Gel, 75 ml.
Lifts and softens the stubbles for a close shave.
Before EUR 14.60
Daimon Barber Protect and Restore Facial Concentrate, 45 ml.
Facial serum that protects the skin. Absorbs easily.
Before EUR 56.20
Gentleman's Tonic Preshave Oil, 50 ml.
Protects your skin optimally during shaving.
Before EUR 23.50
Mondial Antica Barberia Preshave Oil, Original Talc, 50 ml.
Protective and nurturing Preshave oil.
Before EUR 20.00
ZIRH Prepare, Electric Preshave Tonic, 100 ml.
Preshave specifically for shaving with electric shaver.
Before EUR 19.40