Klar Seifen

Klar Seifen has been producing luxury shaving soaps of the highest quality since 1840 and has over 175 years of experience in the field. The company was founded by Philipp Klar in Heidelberg, Germany, and today it is Germany's oldest soap manufacturer. The company is still family owned and is now run by the 5th generation.

Klar Seifen is recognized for producing some of the world's best handmade soaps. The products have a perfect balance between the old and the new: they are still produced in up to 100-year-old molds, but the ingredients reflect the development of the times. Klar Seifen retains traditional recipes, processes, and crafts, but, simultaneously, it stays on top of the latest results in dermatological research and continue to prioritize innovation.

Klar Seifen's goal is to provide their customers with unforgettable experiences that awaken all senses. The assortment includes Soaps, Shaving Soaps, Bath Soaps, Aftershaves, and Eau de Toilette. All products are without perfume, preservatives, and dyes, and they are produced from sustainable, vegetable ingredients.

The shaving soaps get great reviews on various wet shaving fora around the world.

Klar Seifen Shaving Soap, Active Coal, 110 gr.
One product, two benefits: Shaving Soap and Facial deep-pore Cleaner.
Klar Seifen Shaving Soap Lemongrass, 110 gr.
Shaving soap with refreshing scent of lemongrass.
Klar Seifen Shaving Soap Almond, 110 gr.
Shaving soap with delicious scent of almond.
Klar Seifen Soap for Men, 100 gr.
Delicious masculine scent of sandalwood.
Klar Seifen Soap, Healing Earth, 100 gr.
All-round soap. Good for eg acne, eczema, sunburn and insect bites.
Klar Seifen Soap, Sea Salt, 100 gr.
Delicious soap with seas salt.
Before EUR 6.80
Klar Seifen Soap, Ginseng, 100 gr.
Luxury soap with ginseng.
Before EUR 6.80
Klar Seifen Soap, Almond, 100 gr.
Warm and lovely scent of chopped almonds.
Klar Seifen Soap, Curd, 100 gr.
An all-round soap for hands, face, body, dished and even clothes.
Klar Seifen Soap, Active Coal, 100 gr.
This soap is the best natural detoxifier for oily and acne-prone skin.
Klar Seifen Soap, White Clay, 100 gr.
The saviour for very sensitive skin.
Klar Seifen Soap, Buttermilk & Lime, 100 gr.
Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. With a delicious scent!
Klar Seifen Soap Tin, Aluminium
The perfect storage for your soap. With drip grid so the soap can dry well.
Klar Seifen Shampoo Bar, Chamomile & Nettle, 100 gr.
Soothes the scalp and strengthens the hair. Solid shampoo bar.
Klar Seifen Shampoo Bar, Tre Tree & Lavender, 100 gr.
Solid shampoo bar for dry scalp and against dandruff.
Klar Seifen Sport Aftershave, 100 ml.
Fresh and invigorating.
Before EUR 66.90
Klar Seifen Bath Soap, Red Wine, 150 gr.
Bath Soap with Scent of Red Wine. A must for the wine lover.
Before EUR 13.30
Klar Seifen Bath Soap, White Wine, 150 gr.
Bath soap with Riesling white wine. A must for the wine lover.
Before EUR 13.30
Klar Seifen Soap, Rose and Basil, 135 gr.
Soothing soap with scent of Rose and Basil.
Before EUR 22.70
Klar Seifen Soap, Lime Flower and Rhubarb, 135 gr.
Soothing soap with scent of linden flower and rhubarb.
Before EUR 22.70
Klar Seifen Hair and Body Soap, Lavender, 250 gr.
Nourishing soap for hair and body with the scent of Lavender.
Klar Seifen Hand Cream, 75 ml.
Care and moisturize your hands optimally.
Klar Seifen Liquid soap for hands and body, Lily of the Valley and Sage, 300 ml.
Mildly cleanses hands and body. Provides moisture and nourishment.
Before EUR 22.70
Klar Seifen Liquid Soap for Hands and Body, Peony and Basil, 300 ml.
Mildly cleanses hands and body. Provides moisture and nourishment.
Before EUR 22.70
Klar Seifen Gift Box with Shaving Brush, Shaving Soap and Aftershave
Set of Barber broom, Barber soap and Aftershave.
Before EUR 90.50
Klar Seifen Gift Box with Red- and White Wine Soaps
A gift box for the wine lover! Soap with scent of White wine and Red wine.
Klar Seifen Gift Box with 3 soaps: Men, Women and Children
The perfect family package. 3 delicious soaps for the Woman, the Man and the Child.
Klar Seifen Gift Box for Women
Bath Soap, Hand Soap, Soap and Washcloth in a delicious set.