Enter the world of the ultimate shaving experience with our extensive range of shaving products. We have everything you need to achieve the perfect shave, whether it's press shave preparation, the shave itself or care after your shave. Below you will find the above categories described - and much more.

Our range includes everything from luxurious shaving gels, shaving foams, shaving soaps and shaving creams to refreshing aftershaves and nourishing shaving oils. Whether you prefer traditional shaving products or modern shaving tools like razors, we have something for every taste and preference.

Our products are carefully selected, so you are guaranteed high quality, efficiency and pleasant scents. They are designed to give you a perfect, smooth and irritation-free shave every time, while caring for and protecting your skin.

First you have to choose which tool you want to shave with. A classic Safety Razor, a Multi-blade Razor or perhaps a Straight Razor or Shavette? We have collected the entire selection below.

Next, choose a product to soften your beard and skin before and during your shave. We have a delicious selection of everything from shaving creams to oils, foams and gels. Regardless of what you choose, the product must protect the skin so that you achieve a comfortable shave.

It may take a few tries before you find the products that suit your beard and skin type perfectly, but give yourself plenty of time to tweak your shave - and experience the difference! With just a few products and great gear, you can take your shaving routine to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned shaving enthusiast, our products will give you the ultimate shaving experience!

Remember to see Proshave's guide to the ultimate shave.

Anthony Shave Cream, 177 ml.
Provides a close and comfortable shave.
Anthony Shave Gel, 177 ml.
Ensures a super close shave. Very good for sensitive skin.
Dovo Shavette, Aluminum & Silver
Aluminum shavette. Uses half blades.
A fresh and rich shaving cream that provides a super close shave.
Before 7.30 €
Merkur Travel Razor in leather case
A super lightweight and compact travel razor.
Merkur 34C (HD) Safety Razor
A super lovely razor at a really good price.
Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor
One of the most acclaimed adjustable safety razors on the market.
A refreshing shaving foam with eucalyptus oil and menthol.
Before 7.30 €
Softens the beard and protects before shaving.
Before 11.30 €
Bloc Osma Alum Block, 75 gr.
Closes the pores and stops small bleeding.
Merkur 33C Safety Razor
The Merkur Classic (33C) is a really classic safety razor.
Merkur 23C Safety Razor, Long
A safety razor with a longer handle in steel.
Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor, Matt
Adjustable razor in solid and stylish design.
Merkur Super Platinum Double Edge Blades, 10 pcs.
Very sharp and durable razor blades.
Before 7.40 €
A fresh and creamy shaving soap for all skin types.
Before 7.30 €
Protective, moisturizing and rebuilding. With an antibacterial effect.
Before 7.30 €
A protective, moisturizing and restorative shaving soap.
Before 7.30 €
A refreshing shaving foam with eucalyptus oil and menthol. Travel size.
Before 4.70 €
Protective, moisturizing and rebuilding. With an antibacterial effect.
Before 4.70 €
An alcohol-free and non-greasy after shave.
Before 14.00 €
A good shaving brush for the beginner. With boar.
Before 17.30 €
Anthony Aftershave Balm, 90 ml.
Soothes and moisture the skin after shaving.
Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment, 90 ml.
Reduces irritated skin, often caused by ingrown hairs.
A perfect starter set for the beginner.
Before 62.08 €
Starter set for any men that want's to try a real wetshave.
Before 75.92 €
The ultimate set for any men that wants a perfect shave.
Before 152.24 €
A good starter set for the beginner.
Before 41.84 €
Merkur 38C Safety Razor
A heavy Razor with a long handle and full brass core.
Merkur Box for Progress and HD
Buy a convenient travel case for your Merkur HD or Merkur Progress.
Feather New Hi-Stainless Double Edge Blades, 10 pcs.
Known as some of the sharpest razor blades in the world.
Before 5.40 €
Refreshing and softening aftershave. With alcohol.
Before 14.00 €
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap in Ceramic Bowl, 125 gr.
Gentle and protective shaving soap in ceramic bowl.
Derby Extra, Double Edge Blades, 2x5 pcs. (10 pcs.)
High class and very sharp razor blades!
Before 3.40 €
Softens, protects and acts anti-inflammatory.
Before 11.30 €
Tabac Aftershave Lotion, 100 ml.
An alcohol-based aftershave lotion. The original masculine Tabac scent.
Tabac Shaving Stick, 100 gr.
The famous Tabac shaving soap as a practical shave stick.
Tabac Shaving Stick, Refill, 100 gr.
Refill for Tabac Shave Stick. Gives a rich and creamy foam.
Tabac Shaving Soap in Bowl, 125 gr.
The famous shaving soap from Tabac. Gives a rich and creamy foam.
Tabac Shaving Soap Refill for Bowl, 125 gr.
Refill for Tabac Shaving Soap. Gives a rich and creamy foam.
Tabac Shaving Cream, 100 ml.
A delicious and moisturizing shaving cream.
Merkur 42C (Classic 1904) Safety Razor
A classic safety razor in real old school look.
Merkur 43C Safety Razor
One of the heaviest razors in the class. Brushed steel handle.
Shaveworks The Cool Fix, 156 ml.
Aftershave that cools, fights ingrown hair and irritations.
Merkur 34G Safety Razor, Gold
Scores high on reviewers' lists of top safety razors.
Pils Rasur Razor for Gillette Fusion, Stainless Steel
The ultimate razor. Made of high quality stainless steel.
Pils Rasur Shaving Soap in Shavestick, 50 gr.
Luxury shaving soap in pratical shavestick.
Sir Irish Moos Shaving Stick, 100 gr.
Classic shavestick with fresh masculine scent.
Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream, 150 ml.
A delicious shaving cream that provides the perfect foam.
Refreshing Aftershave with alcohol. Note: 400 ml.
Before 36.70 €
Softens the beard and protects the skin under shaving.
Before 26.50 €
Adds moisture and protects the skin. For normal / heavy beard.
Before 21.30 €
Feather Luxury Safety Razor with stand, Stainless steel
Exclusive Safety Razor for the connoisseur. With foot.
Speick Men Shaving Cream, 75 ml.
A delicious and rich shaving cream.
Speick Men Shaving Stick, 50 gr.
A sebum-based shaving soap in a practical shave stick.
Speick Men Shaving Foam, 200 ml.
A gentle and nurturing shaving foam with a softening effect.
Speick Men Aftershave Lotion, 100 ml.
A fresh and soothing aftershave lotion with menthol.
Speick Men Aftershave Balm, 100 ml.
A soothing and moisturizing aftershave conditioner.
Speick Men Intensive Cream, 50 ml.
Super nourishing face cream for men.
Sir Irish Moos Aftershave Balm, 100 ml.
A fresh and non-alcoholic aftershave balm.