Dovo Shavette, Aluminum & Silver

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A really straight razor made of aluminum and with interchangeable blades. With a Dovo Shavette you can try your hand with a straight razor without having to buy abrasive skin, abrasive paste and not least maintain the blade as a fixed blade requires.

The Dovo Shavette is used with interchangeable blades and can therefore be used both in the bathroom as well as in hairdressers and barbers, where there are particularly stringent hygiene requirements.

In the included blade holder you can insert a half blade or a DE razor blade that is split in two.

The blades can be found in the category [url = http: //www.proshave.dk/Barberblade.aspx] razor blades [/ url].


The shavette comes in plastic case and with 1 piece. shavette-sheet.
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