Shaving Oil

Shaving oil is an alternative to the traditional shaving foam, but many people think it is easier to apply. Use a nice shaving oil on the days it should go strong in the morning, but where you still don't want to compromise on a proper and super smooth shave.

A razor oil is very easy to use. It is really good for the man with sensitive and sensitive skin, because the nourishing ingredients soothe, soothe and moisturize the skin after shaving. The oil is transparent and is therefore perfect for precision shaving of bark for example.

Massage your razor oil into the beard to loosen and lift the beard stumps from the skin. A shaving oil softens your stumps and puts a protective membrane on the skin, so your razor is guaranteed a good slip. In this way you achieve a tight and smooth shave without irritation. Try a shaving oil to avoid the burning sensation of shaving.

Leaf Shave Shaving Oil, Unscented, 50 ml.
Unscented shaving oil that leaves the skin softer and less irritated.
Pinaud Clubman Barber Oil, 30 ml.
Moisturizes and gives your razor a perfect glide.
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