Mario Lorenzin 1975 - Products for women

At this site, we are showing the fantastic products from Italian Mario Lorenzin 1975, made especially for women.

Mario Lorenzin 1975 is recognized for producing highly efficient hair products. The products are inspired by an ancient Italian recipe with the radicchio plant as its primary ingredient. This has long been known to keep the hair healthy and well-groomed, and the products can show really good results for the hair and scalp. The products strengthen and nourish the hair, increase hair growth, and minimize and prevent irritation, itching, and similar scalp-conditions.

In the women's assortment, you will find different types of shampoo, hair oil, hair lotion, and exquisite gift boxes with the popular products.

Mario Lorenzin 1975 Hair Oil, Incanto, 100 ml.
Hair Oil with an extremely nourishing effect on the hair.
Mario Lorenzin 1975 Natural Hair Lotion, Radicchio, 100 ml.
Effective Hair Lotion. Prevents hair loss, improves scalp and adds moisture.