Travel Kits & Gift Sets

Are you looking for a gift for your boyfriend, wife or just someone you love? Then you've come to the right place. Here on the site we have gathered our selection of delicious gift boxes and travel kits for women. An obvious choice when you need to find a birthday gift, Christmas present, host gift or a just-because gift that all women love to get.

Our gift boxes contain amazing products for women. We have both gift boxes with perfumes, gift boxes with hand soap and hand cream. Or how about a gift box with exclusive scented candles? It could also be a box of face masks and delicious facial care that will fall into good soil. In other words, we have a large selection of gift boxes, which are perfect for women who look up to themselves and their looks.
Klar Seifen Soap Tin, Aluminium
The perfect storage for your soap. With drip grid so the soap can dry well.
StriVectin Gift Box, Laugh Off Lines, Anti Wrinkle
Delicious gift box with eye cream and whipped cream.
Set of 6 luxury soaps from Floris.
Before EUR 58.50
Gift set with three exclusive scented candles.
Before EUR 74.60
Luxury gift box with 12 exclusive fragrances.
Before EUR 262.10
Hand soap and hand lotion in the Cefiro series.
Before EUR 60.50
Bath & Shower Gel and Eau de Toilette in the Cefiro series.
Before EUR 106.85
Bath & Shower Gel, Deo Stick and Shampoo in the Cefiro series.
Before EUR 90.75
Bath Essence and Soap in the Rose Geranium series.
Before EUR 90.75
Fragrant luxury soap in super fine packaging. Perfect hostess gift.
Before EUR 11.40
Elegant fragrance diffuser that creates a subtle scent in your home.
Before EUR 100.80
Hand cream and Eau de Toilette in the series Chypress.
Before EUR 104.20
Hand soap and Hand lotion in the series Chypress.
Before EUR 60.50
A Rose For... in two sizes: one for the bathroom and one for the bag.
Before EUR 168.00
Scent A Rose For... in super atmospheric packaging.
Before EUR 26.20
Bodylotion and Eau de Toilette in the series Edwardian Bouquet.
Before EUR 55.75
4 products in the Resurgence series.
Before EUR 113.50
2 full size products in the Hydration series.
Before EUR 73.50
4 full-size products the Environmental Shield series
Before EUR 160.00
Klar Seifen Soap Box, Cork
The perfect storage for your soap when you're on the go!
Klar Seifen Gift Box for Women
Bath Soap, Hand Soap, Soap and Washcloth in a delicious set.
Shine Iceland Face Lift in a Bag
The set contains three different facegels that effectively fight lines.
Shine Iceland Saving Face Kit
Gift Set with Skin peel, Eye Gel, Eye Cream and Cooling Face Cream.
Skin Iceland Skin Hangover Kit 2.0
Set with Eye Gel, Eye Cream, Cooling Face Cream and Face Mask.
RAZspa Moist Booster Set
Box with 4 of the best selling products from RAZspa.
Klar Seifen Gift Box with Red- and White Wine Soaps
A gift box for the wine lover! Soap with scent of White wine and Red wine.
You pay for Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel, and get Renewing Cleansing Cream for free.
Before EUR 86.65
Set with the most popular products from Ling.
Before EUR 107.00