Hair Tonic

Here on the site we have gathered our selection of Hair Tonic, which is also mentioned in daily speeches Hair Water and Hair Lotion. A hair tonic is a true old-school hair styling product. A hair tonic helps keep the hair in place and makes it easier to style. It also keeps the scalp healthy and prevents dryness and dandruff. It adds a nice, fresh feel to your hair and scalp.

A hair stylist differs from other hair styling products in that it is always liquid or slightly creamy. A hair tonic never has a firm texture like a hair wax, for example. Some hair tonics give hold to the hair while others do not. You will also find both editions with and without oil.

Often, a hair water is also suitable as a shaving alcohol and as a splash of your hands.

To apply a hair tonic, pour it into the palms and massage it into the scalp with your fingertips. Apply in damp hair. Do not rinse.
V76 Tonic Hair & Scalp, 236 ml.
Moisturizes and nourishes hair and scalp.
RAZspa Ai Anti Irritation, 300 ml.
Targeted irritated and problematic skin. Relieves itching.
Tabac Hair Lotion, Dry, 200 ml.
Improves blood circulation in the scalp. Normal hair.
Tabac Hair Lotion, Oil, 200 ml.
Improves blood circulation in the scalp. Dry hair.
Isangs Emollient Hair Tonic, Ylang Ylang, 200 ml.
Softens hair, reduces frizz, and binds moisture.
Isangs Detox Hair Tonic, Eucalyptus, 200 ml.
Soothes scalp irritations and calms. Antiseptic.
Isangs Nourishing Hair Tonic, Cedar Wood, 200 ml.
Improves overall hair health. Good for all hair types.
Esprit de Valdemar Brillantine, 200 ml.
Hairoil that adds hold and prevents dry hair.
Esprit de Valdemar Ice Esprit, 600 ml.
Cooling and refreshing hairtonic with menthol.
Esprit de Valdemar Portugal, 600 ml.
Aftershave lotion and hairtonic with essential oils and a fresh citrus scent.
Esprit de Valdemar Fougere, 600 ml.
Used as a hairlotion or as a scent for the whole body.
Esprit de Valdemar Pyrin Sprit, 600 ml.
Cooling and refreshing. Can be used as hairlotion and aftershave lotion.
Truefitt & Hill CAR Lotion Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water that makes your hair easier to style. With a clean and delicious scent.
Truefitt & Hill CAR Hair Cream (Oil Free), 200 ml.
Makes your hair soft, smooth and well-groomed.
Truefitt & Hill Tonic Lotion Special Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water that freshens up the hair and provides control.
Truefitt & Hill Limnol Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Gives a medium to strong hold. With a refreshing scent of lime.
Truefitt & Hill Athenian Water Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water for fine hair. Stimulates the scalp and provides an easy hold.
Truefitt & Hill Monte Carlo (With Oil) Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair tonic with oil. Provides an easy hold and a healthy scalp.
Truefitt & Hill Eau de Portugal Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Gives a light to medium hold for short and medium hair.
Alvarez Gómez Barberia Combing Water, 175 ml.
Lightweight lotion in liquid form for your hair.
Geo F Trumper Hairdressing, Amber Floreka, 200 ml.
Hair tonic that provides a medium to strong hold. With masculine scent.
Geo F Trumper Hairdressing, Green Floreka, 200 ml.
Hair tonic that gives a tight hold. With a masculine scent.
Geo F Trumper Hairdressing, San Remo, 200 ml.
Trump's lightest hair tonic that provides an easy hold.
Pinaud Clubman Hair Tonic, 370 ml.
Classic hair lotion that prevents dryness. Doesn't grease.
Floïd Hair Tonic Blue, 400 ml.
Hairtonic for white / grey hair. Reduces yellow shades.
Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic, 473 ml.
Nourishes the hair and stimulates the scalp. Smells amazing.
The Holy Black Snake Oil, 30 ml.
Super delicious Beard Oil. The Holy Black calls it a magic elixir.