D.R. Harris Eau de Portugal, Without oil, 100 gr.

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Introducing D.R. Harris Eau de Portugal Hair Lotion without Oil - the traditional men's hairdressing lotion that lifts your daily hair routine to a new level.

Delicately scented with a refreshing blend of citrus scents, this exclusive hair lotion is created to add light control and a fresh fragrance experience to your hair.

The product is enriched with a seductive citrus scent that leaves your hair delicately perfumed all day. The natural scent of citrus fruits transforms your hair routine into a refreshing experience that awakens your senses and leaves a touch of freshness in your hair.

This hair lotion is specially formulated without oil, making it ideal for those who want light control without being weighed down by heavy products. It leaves your hair supple and easy to style, while maintaining its natural lightness and movement.

Eau de Portugal Hair Lotion is easy to use and suitable for daily use. Whether you need to tame flyaways or give your hair a subtle shine, this lotion allows you to style your hair exactly how you want it. It is perfect for both short and long hairstyles.

Give your hair the refreshing care it deserves with D.R. Harris Eau de Portugal Oil-free Hair Lotion.
100 gr.
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