Oliver J. Woods

Welcome to Oliver J Wood: Natural care for hair and skin!

Step into a world of exquisite natural beauty with Oliver J Wood. This brand represents a tribute to nature and offers a comprehensive range of products created with care and attention to detail.

The brand prides itself on working with the very best natural ingredients that are carefully extracted and combined to create effective and luxurious formulas. From Jojoba, Abyssinica, Perilla and Macadamia to Sativa seed oils - each ingredient is chosen for its unique properties that promote the health and well-being of both hair and skin.

The products are designed to protect, restore and renew your beauty in a natural way. Coconut, persica and sunflower are also used to deliver deep moisture and nourishment, while natural beeswax and algae extract provide intense hydration and add substance.

Oliver J Wood is not only dedicated to creating great products, but also to preserving our planet. All products are manufactured without animal testing and with respect for the environment.

And last but not least, its signature OJW fragrance is a sublime combination of bergamot, patchouli, amber, cedar and sandalwood. A sensory experience that enchants the senses and leaves you emotionally refreshed and renewed.

Whether you're looking for the perfect shampoo, conditioner or skin care product, Oliver J Wood is here to fulfill your needs and pamper your senses. Experience the ultimate luxury in natural care with Oliver J Wood.

All-in-one oil, for both hair, skin, scalp and beard.
Before 48.00 €
Body wash with a wonderful scent of cedar and sandalwood.
Before 40.00 €
Moisturizing shampoo that protects both hair and scalp.
Before 40.00 €
Moisturizing conditioner that protects and softens the hair.
Before 40.00 €
Clay with a matte hold that protects and cares
Before 42.70 €
Hair wax that adds hold to all hair types.
Before 42.70 €
Salt water spray to add volume and texture to the hair.
Before 32.00 €