Clark's Botanicals

Clark's Botanicals is an effective and pure skincare brand with a foundation in holistic self-care and wellness.

An accident that occurred in 2002 paralyzed Francesco Clark from the waist down and subsequently his skin also began to change significantly. It became extremely dry and he developed problems with facial blemishes. Clark wanted to find a solution and so, together with his father, who specialises in homeopathy, he set about trying to create a formula that would balance his skin. This led to Jasmine Catalyst Complex™, which is the cornerstone of all Clark's products today.

Jasmine is a calming core that can be combined with more aggressive ingredients to achieve anti-aging properties without irritation. Today, several of the formulas are award-winning and uniquely effective for individuals who suffer from unbalanced skin.

Clark's Botanicals help you with any challenge your skin may have and are suitable for most skin types.

Clark's Botanicals Jasmin Vital Cream, 50 ml.
Soothing cream for stressed and irritated skin.
Clark's Botanicals Jasmin Vital Oil, 30 ml.
Oil and serum in one. Healing and nourishing.
Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask, 50 ml.
Mask and moisturizer in one. Minimizes redness.
Clark's Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Balm, 10 ml.
Moisturizing lip balm with anti-aging benefits.