Look at me

Look at me is a luxurious Korean beauty brand that you don’t want to miss. The range consists of everything from the popular sheet masks to exfoliating foot masks and eye masks. A wealth of products to upgrade your skincare routine or just for pure self-pampering.

The K-beauty phenomenon covers the Korean skincare routine that women in Asia swear by, and you'll quickly understand why after trying these highly moisturizing and effective products.

The range includes a variety of moisturizing face masks, nourishing eye masks, foot masks that remove even hard skin or relax feet, nourishing masks for hands, and practical deep cleansing masks for the nose that effectively remove pores. The different sheet masks will quickly create the feeling of spa while sitting at home on the sofa and are therefore perfect for busy weekdays. In 20 minutes, your skin will absorb the beneficial nutrients from the masks and be left refreshed, nourished, and hydrated.

So if you're looking for some really great products for self-pampering or skincare, look no further - they're all listed below.

Moisturizing sheet mask for dehydrated skin.
Before 3.40 €
Cleansing and moisturizing sheet mask.
Before 3.40 €
Softening foot mask that prevents calluses.
Before 6.70 €
Exfoliating foot mask. Short date!
Before 12.00 €
Softening hand mask with shea butter.
Before 6.70 €
Deep cleansing eye masks, minimizes dark circles.
Before 13.40 €
Moisturizing eye masks with pomegranate.
Before 30.00 €