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The feeling of having a nice hairstyle is a prerequisite for you to feel good. Here on the site we have gathered our selection of styling products for the hair, so you can always set the hairstyle exactly as you want. At Proshave we take great pride in selling high-quality wax and styling products at competitive prices.

We have a perception that too many men choose the wrong wax. Therefore, at the bottom of the page, you can read more about which wax suits your hair's texture and thickness.

However, there are also other ways to style your hairstyle than just using hair wax. Below, we have put together alternative hair styling products you may need when hair is set or groomed. We all have different hair and different hair types, so it is also individually which styling product you prefer. Hair styling allows you to put your hair exactly as you want. Whether you prefer to use hair cream, hair gel, hair spray or wax, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for in our range. We offer a number of reputable brands that produce very high quality goods. For example, try a gel, mousse or hair varnish that gives the hairstyle a different texture and finish.

Daimon Barber Texture Dust, 20 gr.
The performance of a liquid styling product in a power powder.
Depot Hair Treatment Oil, No. 204, 30 ml.
Counteracts frizzy hair, cares for it and adds shine.
Depot Invigorating Hair Treatment, No. 205, 100 ml.
Prevents and counteracts hair loss. Strengthens the hair.
Depot White Clay Serum Control Treatment, No. 207, 125 ml.
The ultimate solution for combating greasy hair and scalp.
Depot Detoxifying Spray Lotion, No. 208, 100ml
Detox spray for the scalp. Removes dirt, cleans and refreshes.
Depot Temporary Colour Mousse, No. 210, 100 ml.
Temporary color for gray or white hair. Counteracts yellow tones in the hair.
Depot Matt Paste, No. 301, 75 ml.
Adds control and definition to hair. Provides strong hold.
Depot Clay Pomade, No. 302, 75 ml.
Creates texture and volume. Leaves a matte effect on the hair.
Depot Modelling Wax, No. 303, 100 ml.
Flexible wax with softening ingredients.
Depot Hold Strong Gel, No. 304, 200 ml.
Provides strong hold and maximum shine. Perfect for a wet look.
Depot Volumizer Spray, No. 305, 200 ml.
Gives volume and control to the hair - as well as a light hold.
Depot Strong Hairspray, No. 306, 400 ml.
Moisturizing hairspray that provides strong hold and volume.
Depot Black Gel, No. 307, 125 ml.
Dyes hair/beard temporarily. Covers gray hair. Medium team.
Depot Texturizing Dust, No. 309, 7 gr.
Adds volume and structure to any hairstyle.
Depot Curl Designer, No. 310, 150 ml.
Tames curls, gives shape and control. Medium, flexible hold.
Depot Fiber Cream, No. 311, 100 ml.
Gives control and flexibility to the hair. Medium hold and shine.
Depot Charcoal Paste, No. 312, 75 ml.
Provides strong hold and texture. Delicious, soft texture.
Depot Medium Hold Gel, No. 313, 200 ml.
Gives a nice finish, flexibility and medium hold.
Depot Shiny Hair Wax, No. 314, 75 ml.
Gives definition, shine and medium hold.
Depot Fixing Pomade, No. 315, 75 ml.
The soft texture is easy to apply. Provides texture and strong hold.
Depot Styling Cream, No. 316, 125 ml.
Gives volume to all hair types. Medium team.
Tenax Clay Pomade, 125 ml.
Gives texture, volume and a matte finish to the hair.
Tenax Sea Salt Spray, 150 ml.
Gives texture and adds hold, volume to the hair.
ZENSI Hair Wax, 75 gr.
Styling wax with strong hold.
Slickhaven Hair Pomade, Shifty Beggar, 120 ml.
Versatile wax that provides strong hold and a matte finish.
Daimon Barber Classic Pomade, 100 gr.
An oil-based pomade that nourishes and adds hold.
Daimon Barber Remedy Wax, 100 gr.
The most unique and versatile product in the range.
Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay, 95 gr.
Hair wax with clay and beeswax. Medium hold and matte finish.
Triumph & Disaster Fibre Royale, 95 gr.
Wax for all hair types with a fresh scent. Strong hold.
Triumph & Disaster Karekare Tonic Salt Spray, 150 ml.
Salt water spray for hair styling and scalp treatment.
Murdock Sea Salt Volume Mousse, 150 ml.
Lift the hair roots, achieve volume and give hold.
Murdock Sea Salt Spray, 150 ml.
Creates instant volume and a matte texture.
Murdock Matt Mud, 50 gr.
Provides strong hold and a matte finish.
Murdock Vintage Pomade, 50 gr.
Gives strong hold, shine and definition to your hair.
Murdock Textured Hair Cream, 150 ml.
Ultimate hydration and control for curls or afro hair.
Murdock Textured Hair Oil, 50 ml.
Hair oil that adds shine and nourishment to the hair.
Murdock Texture Paste, 50 gr.
Provides a flexible hold and a matte finish.
Daimon Barber Fixing Pomade, 100 gr.
Water-based pomade. Gives extra strong hold and medium shine.
Daimon Barber Original Pomade, 100 gr.
Water-based pomade. Medium hold and natural shine.
Daimon Barber Texture Clay, 100 gr.
Gives a strong hold and a matt finish.
Daimon Barber Forming Cream, 100 gr.
Provides medium hold and a matt finish.
Daimon Barber Yuzu Paste, 100 gr.
A versatile paste that adds texture, definition and volume.
Daimon Barber Texture Tonic, 100 ml.
Provides texture as a sea salt spray and adds volume.
Truefitt & Hill Euchrism Clay, 100 gr.
Gives a matte look. Perfect for shorter hairstyles.
Truefitt & Hill Julep Paste, 100 gr.
Gives a strong yet flexible hold and a natural finish.
Truefitt & Hill CAR Lotion Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water that makes your hair easier to style. With a clean and delicious scent.
Truefitt & Hill CAR Hair Cream (Oil Free), 200 ml.
Makes your hair soft, smooth and well-groomed.
Truefitt & Hill Tonic Lotion Special Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water that freshens up the hair and provides control.
Truefitt & Hill Limnol Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Gives a medium to strong hold. With a refreshing scent of lime.
Truefitt & Hill Athenian Water Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water for fine hair. Stimulates the scalp and provides an easy hold.
Truefitt & Hill Monte Carlo (With Oil) Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair tonic with oil. Provides an easy hold and a healthy scalp.
Truefitt & Hill Eau de Portugal Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Gives a light to medium hold for short and medium hair.
Mr. Bear Pomade - Matt Clay, Springwood, 100 ml.
Provides easy to medium hold and a matte finish.
Mr. Bear Original Pomade, 100 gr.
Adds texture, medium hold, medium shine and a natural look.
Mr. Bear Pomade - Matt Clay, Golden Ember, 100 gr.
Water-based and fragrant clay pomade that adds volume to the hair and leaves a matte finish.
Mr. Bear Pomade - Matt Clay, Springwood, 15 ml.
Provides easy to medium hold and a matte finish.
Mr. Bear Grooming Spray - Sea Salt, Springwood, 200 ml.
Revitalizes, strengthens the hair roots and stimulates hair growth.
Mr. Bear Grooming Spray, Golden Ember, 200 ml.
Fragrant and delicious Grooming Spray, which gives the hair both hold and structure.
Mr. Bear Hair Wax, Golden Ember, 100 ml.
Vegan and water-based hair wax that creates a firm hold and dry finish.
Percy Nobleman Gentleman's Styling Wax, 50 ml.
Wax for both beard and hair. Adds a strong hold.
Percy Nobleman Matt Clay, 100 gr.
Provides a dry, low sheen finish with a strong hold. Reworkable.
Percy Nobleman Matt Paste, 100 gr.
Perfect for short-haired men. Adds volume, definition and medium hold.
Percy Nobleman Pomade, 100 gr.
Gives a shiny look and a strong hold.
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