Wax & Styling - Paste

Here on the site we have gathered our selection of Paste for the hair. You will find Paste and hairdressing products at reasonable prices from some of the best and most popular brands.

There is no immediate definition of 'hair paste' in the Danish language. However, a Paste can be explained from the fact that it is a combination of different types of styling products. A paste is typically a bit thicker in texture than a pomade, but softer than the traditional wax.

A paste has the consistency of a toothpaste and often needs to be warmed slightly in the palms before it is applied to the hair. You will find editions with medium hold, heavy hold and extra stretch hold. One of the benefits of a paste is that it is water based and therefore really easy to wash out of the hair.

Daimon Barber Yuzu Paste, 100 gr.
A versatile paste that adds texture, definition and volume.
Daimon Barber Yuzu Paste, 50 gr.
A versatile paste that adds texture, definition and volume.
Beviro Matt Paste, Medium Hold, 100 gr.
A versatile hair product. Offers medium hold - that's enough for most men.
Beviro Matt Paste, Strong Hold, 100 gr.
Offers strong hold - perfect for longer hair and complicated hairstyles.
Truefitt & Hill Julep Paste, 100 gr.
Gives a strong yet flexible hold and a natural finish.
Percy Nobleman Matt Paste, 100 gr.
Wax for shorter hair or curls. Gives a light hold.
Baxter of California Styling Paste, 100 ml.
Gives a medium matte finish and medium hold.
Gives structure and volumen. Medium hold and matte look.
Before 34.70 €
Pinaud Clubman Molding Paste, 113 gr.
Gives a strong, flexible hold. Perfect for curly / wavy hair.
Depot Matt Paste, No. 301, 75 ml.
Adds control and definition to hair. Provides strong hold.
Depot Charcoal Paste, No. 312, 75 ml.
Provides strong hold and texture. Delicious, soft texture.
Murdock Texture Paste, 50 gr.
Provides a flexible hold and a matte finish.
Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste, 100 ml.
Gives a light / medium hold and a matt finish.
Daimon Barber Yuzu Paste, SAMPLE, 10 gr.
A versatile paste that adds texture, definition and volume.