Adds control and definition to hair. Provides strong hold.
Before EUR 23.90
Provides strong hold and texture. Delicious, soft texture.
Before EUR 23.90
Daimon Barber Yuzu Paste, 100 gr.
A versatile paste that adds texture, definition and volume.
Beviro Matt Paste, Medium Hold, 100 gr.
A versatile hair product. Offers medium hold - that's enough for most men.
Beviro Matt Paste, Strong Hold, 100 gr.
Offers strong hold - perfect for longer hair and complicated hairstyles.
Beviro Daily Hair Care Set
Set with Shampoo and Matt Paste.
Truefitt & Hill Julep Paste, 100 gr.
Gives a strong yet flexible hold and a natural finish.
Percy Nobleman Matt Paste, 100 gr.
Perfect for short-haired men. Adds volume, definition and medium hold.
Bluebeards Revenge Styling Putty, 150 ml.
Gives strong hold and low gloss. Combines a Matt Paste and a Matt Clay.
Baxter of California Styling Paste, 100 ml.
Gives a medium matte finish and medium hold.
Geo F Trumper Pliable Paste, Lime, 150 ml.
Hair wax that gives medium hold. With fresh scent of lime.
Gives structure and volumen. Medium hold and matte look.
Before EUR 32.70
Pinaud Clubman Molding Paste, 113 gr.
Gives a strong, flexible hold. Perfect for curly / wavy hair.
Pinaud Clubman Molding Paste, 48.2 gr.
Gives a strong, flexible hold. Perfect for curly / wavy hair.
Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste, 100 ml.
Gives a light / medium hold and a matt finish.