Daimon Barber Yuzu Paste, 100 gr.
A versatile paste that adds texture, definition and volume.
Beviro Matt Paste, Medium Hold, 100 gr.
A versatile hair product. Offers medium hold - that's enough for most men.
Beviro Matt Paste, Strong Hold, 100 gr.
Offers strong hold - perfect for longer hair and complicated hairstyles.
Beviro Daily Hair Care Set
Set with Shampoo and Matt Paste.
Truefitt & Hill Julep Paste, 100 gr.
Gives a strong yet flexible hold and a natural finish.
Percy Nobleman Matt Paste, 100 gr.
Perfect for short-haired men. Adds volume, definition and medium hold.
Bluebeards Revenge Styling Putty, 150 ml.
Gives strong hold and low gloss. Combines a Matt Paste and a Matt Clay.
Baxter of California Styling Paste, 100 ml.
Gives a medium matte finish and medium hold.
Geo F Trumper Pliable Paste, Lime, 150 ml.
Hair wax that gives medium hold. With fresh scent of lime.
V76 Molding Paste, 48 gr.
Gives a natural look. Nourishes and softens the hair.
Gives structure and volumen. Medium hold and matte look.
Before EUR 28.00
Pinaud Clubman Molding Paste, 113 gr.
Gives a strong, flexible hold. Perfect for curly / wavy hair.
Pinaud Clubman Molding Paste, 48.2 gr.
Gives a strong, flexible hold. Perfect for curly / wavy hair.
Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste, 100 ml.
Gives a light / medium hold and a matt finish.