OAK is inspired by Berlin - the city that has more men with beards than in Greek mythology. Fewer people know more about how to care for their beard than the Berliners. So, in collaboration with barbers and bearded men, OAK has developed nurturing products to help men wear their beards with pride.

Inspired by the traditional world of old barber salons exuding true masculinity, OAK has a desire to develop beard care that is efficient and easy to apply. Beard and face both need specially designed products because they each have their own demands for optimal care.

OAK attaches great importance to selecting active substances and materials of the best quality. All the products in the series are made from natural ingredients and are certified accordingly.

The products are perfect for all types of beards - whether you have a full beard, a mustache, a goatee, or just stubble. OAK has also expanded the assortment to include products for the clean-shaven men in the form of shaving cream and aftershaves.
OAK Shaving Cream, 75 ml.
Protect the skin and gives you a perfect shave.
OAK Shaving Cream, Sample, 2 ml.
Protect the skin and gives you a perfect shave.
OAK Aftershave Tonic, 150 ml.
The perfect finish on your daily shave.
OAK Aftershave Balm, 80 ml.
Soothes and minimizes irritation after your shave.
OAK Beard Shampoo, 200 ml.
Effective but gentle shampoo for beard and face.
OAK Beard Oil, 30 ml.
Soften and nourish the beard and the skin beneath.
OAK Beard Balm, 50 ml.
Nourishing balm for your beard. Light hold.
OAK Beard Wax, 50 ml.
Adds shape and structure to your beard. Medium hold.
OAK Beard Brush, Oak
Exclusive beard brush. Prevents a dry beard.
OAK Beard Brush, Soft, Oak
Soft beard brush in black lacquered oak.