About Proshave


Most Danish men buy the same shaving products as they have always done.

When the razor blade becomes dull, you use it for a week or two more even if you get red on the neck and it hurts - It probably works and you just know that you get skinned financially when buying new blades.

Last but not least, shaving has become a necessary routine that just needs to be overcome.


At Proshave, we know everything about what it takes to achieve the perfect shave!

Most men shave once a day or a couple of times a week, so why not make it a little ritual that you enjoy, maybe even something you look forward to. 10 minutes in peace and quiet where you can treat yourself to some cool products and some good stuff.

- The fact that you can save a small fortune on razor blades and products at the same time certainly does not make the experience worse!


All you have to do to get started is get a razor, some blades, a few products and maybe a brush if you want to run the right old-school style.

You have the scraper for the next many years and in the future you can laugh every time you switch to a new and sharp blade - a new blade, which of course is sharp on both sides - and vert cheap in use.


We have the Scandinavian distribution of 26 brands in Scandinavia, which we can supply for resale:

Proraso, Floris of London, Mühle Shaving, Truefitt & Hill, Taylor Of Old Bond Street, Derby, Merkur, Dovo, Pils Rasur, Marvis, Mondial, Mr. Bear, Mario Lorenzin 1975, Alvarez Gómez, Irving Barber Company, Floïd, LEA Classic, Alvarez Gómez, Baxter of California, Daimon Barber, Bro Shaver, Floïd, Klar Seifen, Etch, nom, One Blade, Percy Nobleman, Tenax and The Holy Black.

The products thus range very widely - from the completely classic English and Italian men's products, over beard care to the most modern skin care series.


We want to share our experience and the joy of the perfect shave with all the users of Proshave, so if you have questions, rice or praise, you are of course always very welcome to write to us.

You are of course always very welcome to contact us at info@proshave.com or +45 7070 1808.