On this page, we have collected our selection of scissors. This applies to hair scissors, hairdresser's scissors, thinning scissors, beard scissors and nail scissors.

Scissors are an essential tool for maintaining your personal grooming and beauty. Whether you want well-groomed nails, a sharp hairstyle or a well-groomed beard, there is a pair of scissors to suit your needs. Buy your scissors today and experience how good quality scissors can make a difference in your grooming routine.

Most of the scissors in our range are produced from high-quality stainless steel. Once you have invested in a proper pair of scissors, you should enjoy it for the next several years (if not the rest of your life). All scissors have a sharp, precise blade, so you can cut your hair, trim your stubble or cut your nails with ease. The scissors come in a multitude of sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Remember that you should never use your grooming scissors for household chores such as cutting plastic, food etc., as this can make the scissors dull much earlier.

Proshave Beard Scissors, Stainless Steel, 11.3 cm.
Proshave's very own Beard Scissors. A must for any bearded men!
Dovo Beard Scissors, 4.5”
Keep your beard well groomed and trimmed with this scissors.
Percy Nobleman Beard Scissors
Versatile to take on the finer detail as well as your full beard.
Dovo Hair Scissors, Stainless Steel
Hair scissors of durable quality. Made of stainless steel.
Dovo Hair Scissors, Thinning
Hairdressing scissors that thin out the hair.
Zwilling Hair Scissors, 14 cm.
Hair scissors of durable quality. Made of stainless steel.
Bluebeards Revenge Beard Scissor
Keeps your beard and moustache well groomed.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Moustache Kit
Moustache Kit with Comb, Brush and Scissors.
Rockwell Hair & Beard Scissors in cover
Quality scissor delivered in leather case.
Household scissors in beautiful and practical stainless steel.
Before 31.50 €
Practical household scissors in stainless steel.
Before 48.00 €
Household scissors in practical stainless steel.
Before 36.70 €
Set of two scissors in 10 and 18 cm, made of stainless steel.
Before 73.50 €