Zwilling Household Scissors, 18 cm.

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Precision and style in one pair of scissors - Zwilling Household scissors, 18 cm!

Experience the perfect combination of functionality and design with these timeless household scissors from Zwilling.

Made from high quality forged stainless steel, these scissors ensure exceptional durability and sharpness.

With its 18 cm, the Zwilling TWIN SELECT household scissors are ideal for any cutting task, be it paper, fabric, foil or packaging. The scissors cut precisely and without frayed edges, and its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and effortless user experience.

Special features:

- Forged stainless steel: Guarantees robustness and longevity, with sharpness that lasts.
- Ergonomic design: Well-balanced and comfortable to use, even for long-term mowing tasks.
- Stylish appearance: Timeless and modern design that fits perfectly into any home.
- High functionality: Perfect for the kitchen, office and needlework, and easily handles any task.

With Zwilling TWIN SELECT's 18 cm long scissors, you get a versatile and elegant solution for all your cutting needs.

The sharp blades and ergonomic handle make these scissors a pleasure to use. It is not only a practical tool, but also a beautiful design element that will adorn any room.

Make cutting work easier and more stylish with Zwilling Household Scissors - where quality and design meet.
Stainless steel
18,00 cm
0,10 kg
0,60 cm
6,00 cm
Blade length:
11,00 cm
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