Italian Furbo has made a complete assortment of products for a perfect wet shave. The products get really good reviews on various shaving fora around the world, and now you can buy them here at Proshave.

Some old, Italian, best-selling products have been the source of inspiration for the products you find at Furbo. For instance, this is the case with Floïd's famous Sandolor Preshave gel and Floïd Blue, both of which have been discontinued despite the widespread popularity of the products. Furbo has reformulated the products while maintaining the qualities and scents that were loved by many men. So you get efficient and fragrant products that make you think of a classic, Italian shave in a barbershop.

In the series, you will find everything you need for your shaving - before, during, and after. This includes pre-shave gel, different soft shaving soaps, and two aftershaves for an optimal finish to your shave.
Furbo Preshave Gel, Sansdolor, 200 ml.
Absolutely fantastic preshave for an irritation-free shave.
Furbo Shaving Soap, 90 ml.
Great shaving soap with soft texture.
Furbo Aftershave, 100 ml.
Aftershave with a fantastic scent.
Furbo Aftershave, Vintage Blu, 300 ml.
Classic Italian aftershave with lovely scent.
Furbo Atomizer for Aftershave
Spray for your salon-sized aftershave.