Sale: Perfume & Deodorant

Here you will find our delicious range of men's perfumes and deodorants, which are on sale at very tight offer prices.

We sell fragrances from some of the world's leading manufacturers. Our wide range of men's perfumes guarantees a scent that matches your mood and personality. Some fragrances fresh with citrus notes, others contain notes of different types of wood, but you will also find classic or more discreet and elegant men's fragrances.

Find the perfect men's scent for yourself or as a gift for your husband, boyfriend or someone else you love.

We are constantly expanding our offerings, so check back periodically if you are in search of deodorant or perfume for men. Remember that as a member of the Proshave Customer Club , you earn a 10% bonus on ALL your purchases! Simply remember to log in with your username and password before you shop.

Modern, clean, manly. Pure like your intentions, dirty like what might follow.
Before EUR 1.30
A fruity chypre scent, manly and optimistic. It's gonna spice up your day.
Before EUR 1.30
Hand soap, Deo Stick and Eau de Toilette in the Cefiro series.
Before EUR 143.50
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