At this site, you will find the attractive shaving soaps from Arko. Do not let the inexpensive price fool you, for the soaps ensure a good and comfortable shave.

Arkos Shaving Soap is available in two versions: a practical shave-stick or as a solid shaving soap in a plastic bowl. They contain the same ingredients, but while the shave-stick is applied directly to the face, the shaving soap should be whipped into foam with your shaving brush.

Both the shave-stick and shaving soap protect your skin optimally during shaving to avoid irritation and redness.

Arko Shaving Soap in bowl, 90 gr.
A popular shaving soap among wet shaving enthusiasts.
Arko Shaving Soap, Shavestick, 75 gr.
Practical and delicious shaving soap in shavestick.