Mr. Natty

Are you looking for products to care for your beard, hair, face, or body? Then, look here! Mr. Natty is synonymous with great products for real gentlemen. The classic Mr. Natty barbershop in London is one of the hottest places in the city, making you think of the happy 50's in a very unique and elegant British style.

Behind Mr. Natty is the famous barber and hair stylist Matt Reine, who has styled both famous stars and royalty. Disappointed by the assortment of men's grooming products, he chose to use his knowledge and experience as a barber and hairdresser to create a brand that could live up to his own high expectations. He founded Mr. Natty with a goal of manufacturing the products that were lacking on the market.

All the products in the series are made from the best ingredients. The design is functional and timeless but adds modern originality and humor. You will find shaving soap, beard oil, beard wax, beard shampoo, and soap for your beard as well as exquisite hair styling products, perfect shaving products, and facial care. In addition, the assortment contains a large selection of fantastic gift boxes that are an obvious gift idea for any man.

Mr Natty Shipwreck Soap, 100 gr.
Handmade and cold pressed soap with many purposes.