Mr. Natty Gift Sets

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the man who has everything? Take a look here! Mr. Natty has created the most exquisite gift sets that will make any man really happy.

The sets radiate masculinity, and the products are all made from the best ingredients. The design is functional and timeless with a touch of modern originality and humor.

You will find gift sets for a perfect shave and gift sets for men with beards. Mr. Natty has also made gift sets with everything a man needs for his daily skincare routine, and gift sets for body care.

See all the gift sets here and be inspired to go shopping with the wish list in hand!
Mr Natty Face Forest Fix Up Pack
Set with Facial Soap and Beard Oil.
Before EUR 24.00
Mr Natty Scrubs Up Proper Pack
Contains Facial Soap and Shaving Oil.
Before EUR 24.00
Mr Natty Wet vs Dry Package
Delicious Gift Set with Shower Gel and Towel.
Before EUR 29.40
Mr Natty Emergency Flair, Shave
Delicious gift set for a perfect shave.
Before EUR 36.10
Mr Natty Ship, Shower, Shave
Set with showerwash and shaving cream.
Before EUR 33.40