Below we have gathered our selection of condoms that ensure you safe (and exciting) sex. At Proshave you can choose from several different sizes, colors and surfaces. We have both ultra-thin condoms, ribbed and dotted condoms, some with extra lube, latex-free condoms and other variants, so you cab find the condom that suits your needs and desired experience.

Condoms are the safest form of contraception - and in fact the most popular. It is the only form of contraception that protects both partners from sexually transmitted diseases. And then they have a high security against unwanted pregnancy.

Durex Condoms Extra Safe, 10 pcs.
A little thicker and with extra lube. Easy-on form.
Durex Condoms Feel Ultra Thin, 10 pcs.
Ultra-thin for even greater sensitivity. Easy-on form.
Durex Condoms Pleasure Me, 10 pcs.
Ribbed and dotted for ekstra stimulation. Easy-on form.
Durex Condoms Mutual Climax, 10 pcs.
For a more intense experience for you both. Easy-on form.
Durex Condoms Intense, 6 pcs.
Ribbed and dotted with stimulating gel. Easy-on form.
Durex Lubricant Real Feel, 50 ml.
A silky soft and silicone-based lubricant gel.