Face Mask & Face Scrub

Do you also need a little self-indulgence in a busy day? A Face Mask is the ultimate self-indulgence that instantly has a positive effect on the skin of your face. The best part is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive spa stays to have a unique wellness experience. You can easily close the door, put some quiet music on and take 10 minutes in the bathroom with a mask on, while forgetting everything about children, cleaning and laundry.

At Proshave you will find face masks for all tastes. We have both moisturizing, soothing, deep cleansing and firming face masks as well as face scrub and push masks. Does your skin need to de-stress or have the dead skin cells removed so that the skin surface becomes more uniform and the makeup can be nicer? You may also want a peel-off mask, or a cooling eye mask for those tired, swollen eyes.

No matter what skin type you have, a face mask or face scrub will benefit the skin's health. We recommend you use a face mask 1-2 times a week as needed or as a cure when your skin needs extra care and nourishment.

Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel, 60 pcs.
Very effective but gentle exfoliation. Make the skin more uniform.
Payot Teens Dream Morning Mask, 19 ml.
Deep cleansing face mask that minimises pores. Perfect for young skin.
Payot Look Younger Morning Mask, 19 ml.
Firming face mask that minimizes fine lines.
Payot Water Power Morning Mask, 19 ml.
Face mask that gives a moisture boost beyond the ordinary.
Payot Hangover Morning Mask, 19 ml.
Beautiful face mask that can brighten up any face.
Payot Roselift Lifting Eye Patches, 10 pairs
Boosts collagen production and gives the eye area an instant lift.
Payot Pâte Grise Ultra Absorbent Charcol Mask, 50 ml.
Mattifying face mask. Absorbs excess oil and cleanses.
Payot My Payot New Glow 10 Days Cure, 7 ml.
This 10-day cure contains a full 12% vitamin C. A boost for your skin!
Payot My Payot Radiance Sleep Mask, 50 ml.
Night mask that makes you look like you've had your beauty sleep.
Payot 10-day Express Radiance and Wrinkle Treatment, Lisse, 20 x 1 ml.
Intensive facial treatment with hyaluronic acid and retinol.
Payot Pâte Grise Gommage Stick, 25 gr.
Exfoliating facial treatment in stick form
Payot Pâte Grise 7-day Express Purifying Intensive Treatment, 7 x 1,5 ml.
Treatment for combination/oily/impure skin. Makes the skin more uniform in just 7 days.
Strivectin Hyaluronic Omega Moisture Lip Mask, Advanced Hydration, 10 ml.
A nourishing lip mask that protects and moisturizes the lips, day and night.
Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel, 30 ml.
Exfoliates, detoxes and renews the skin in just 2 minutes.
Sampar H2O Emergency Mask, 3 x 25 gr.
Moisturizing first aid mask. Instantly adds moisture and suppleness to the skin.
Sampar H2O Emergency Mask, 1 pc
Moisturizing first aid mask. Instantly adds moisture and suppleness to the skin.
Sampar Nocturnal Line up Mask, 50 ml.
Revitalizing anti-wrinkle mask for the night.
Sampar Skin Returning Sleeping Mask, 2 x 50 ml.
Effective 2-in-1 night mask. Tightens and hydrates.
Sampar Nocturnal Line up Mask, Sample, 3 ml.
Revitalizing anti-wrinkle mask for the night.
Murad Clarifying Mask, Blemish Control, 75 ml.
Reduces irritation and minimizes the appearance of impurities.
Murad Skin Smoothing Polish, Blemish Control, 100 ml.
Gentle but effective facial scrub that makes the skin smoother and clearer.
Murad Replenishing Multi Acid Peel, Resurgence, 100 ml.
A two-phase exfoliation. Gives glow and is extremely nourishing.
Murad Daily Clarifying Peel, Blemish Control, 95 ml.
2-phase peeling. Cleanses and smoothes the skin and removes impurities.
Murad Cellular Hydration Repair Mask, Hydration, 80 ml.
Intensive, moisturizing face mask for use at night.
Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Masks, Resurgence
Eye masks that reduce fine lines and care for the eye area.
Moisturizing sheet mask for dehydrated skin.
Before 3.40 €
Cleansing and moisturizing sheet mask.
Before 3.40 €
Moisturizing eye masks with pomegranate.
Before 30.00 €
Face mask for anyone who wants clean pores and clearer skin.
Before 53.50 €
Isangs Antioxidant Face Mask, Unscented, 50 gr.
Deep cleansing mask packed with vitamins and minerals.
Isangs Emollient Face Mask, Unscented, 50 gr.
Vitamin and mineral mask that soothes dry and stressed skin.
Isangs Detox Face Mask, Unscented, 50 gr.
Deep-cleansing mask with activated charcoal that removes impurities.
Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask, 50 ml.
Mask and moisturizer in one. Minimizes redness.
Gentle peeling that removes impurities and dead skin cells.
Before 30.70 €
Renews skin structure and minimizes pores.
Before 30.70 €
Reduces redness and gives skin a beautiful glow.
Before 30.70 €
Absorbs impurities, heals and minimizes visible pores.
Before 30.70 €
Absorberer toksiner, opstrammer og minimerer porerne.
Before 30.70 €
Shine Iceland Face Lift in a Bag
The set contains three different facegels that effectively fight lines.
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, 8 pcs.
Effective gel patches for the eyes. Has an immediate effect.
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels, 8 pcs.
An intensive treatment that instantly minimizes lines.
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, 4 pair
Cooling under-eye gel patches to help firm, tone and de-puff in just 10 minuts.
Skyn Iceland Dissolving Microneedle Eye Patches, 1 pair
A weekly wakeup call for eyes showing signs of chronic stress. Very effective!
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