Here on the site you can find our delicious selection of trimmers for men. There is guaranteed to match exactly your needs, whether you need to trim the hair on the head, beard, nose, ears or hair on the body.

If the hairstyle or beard needs a quick trim, you can choose from one of the variants below. We have both ordinary trimmers and mowers with very simple operation and few settings, but also more advanced trimmers with several settings and precision combs for thinning, among other things. With a trimmer in the bathroom you can avoid a trip to the hairdresser so there is actually quite a bit of money to save.

A trimmer for removing ear and nose hair is an absolute must for all men who want to look great and groomed. An ear and nose hair trimmer is super easy to operate and they only take a few seconds to remove the unwanted hair on the face. So there are no excuses.
Trimmer for hair and beard in a small, practical size.
Before EUR 106.00
Professional trimmer for hair and beard.
Before EUR 221.00
The absolute top model when it comes to trimmers.
Before EUR 241.20
Dovo Klipette, Manual trimmer for ear and nose hair
Manual trimmer for ear and nose hair. Made of stainless steel.
Zwilling Klipette
Trimmer for nose and ear hair.
Proshave Beard Scissors, Stainless Steel, 11.3 cm.
Proshave's very own Beard Scissors. A must for any bearded men!
Percy Nobleman Beard Scissors
Versatile to take on the finer detail as well as your full beard.
Zwilling Scissors for Ear and Nose Hair
Safely and accurately removes small ear and nose hair.
Dovo Beard Scissors, 4.5”
Keep your beard well groomed and trimmed with this scissors.
Bluebeards Revenge Beard Scissor
Keeps your beard and moustache well groomed.
Dovo Brush for Klipette
Small brush to clean the cutter in the Dovo Klipette.
Dovo Cover for Klipette, Leather
Nice leather case for your Dovo nose hair trimmer.
Zwilling Grooming Set, 3 parts, Black Leather
Contains Nail Clippers and Ear & Nose Hair Clipper.
Proshave Beard Cape
Effectively catches your beard hair during trimming.