Nose-Hair Trimmers

Get control of ear and nose hair without pain. As a man, it is important to control the unwanted hair, to look nice and well-groomed. A nose trimmer or scissors is a must-have in the bathroom, and should be used once too much than once too little.

Our range includes both battery-operated appliances and manual trimmers. Which type you prefer is a matter of temper and habit. A nasal hair trimmer quickly removes unwanted hair without noticing. The trims in the assortment cut the hairs rather than pulling them out, ensuring a much more comfortable experience.

You can also choose to use a nose hair scissors for the purpose. The scissors allow you to easily and safely remove unwanted hair in both nose and ear. Of course, it can also be used to trim the eyebrows.
Dovo Klipette, Manual trimmer for ear and nose hair
Manual trimmer for ear and nose hair. Made of stainless steel.
Zwilling Klipette
Trimmer for nose and ear hair.
Dovo Cover for Klipette, Leather
Nice leather case for your Dovo nose hair trimmer.
Dovo Brush for Klipette
Small brush to clean the cutter in the Dovo Klipette.
Zwilling Scissors for Ear and Nose Hair
Safely and accurately removes small ear and nose hair.
Zwilling Grooming Set, 3 parts, Black Leather
Contains Nail Clippers and Ear & Nose Hair Clipper.