Electric Shaver

At Proshave you will of course find a selection of electric shavers, so we also welcome you who want to do your shaving with an electric appliance instead of a classic scraper.

With an electric shaver, you avoid having to use shaving foam or other products for your shave. The shaver is simply run around the face and removes the beard stubble without further preparation.

The razors you find below have different features. It is therefore worthwhile to click on the individual product and read more about what settings and functions each product has. This way, you will find the machine that best fits your needs.

Compact shaver for travel.
Before 30.00 €
Shaver for an ultra close shave (0.05 mm).
Before 66.00 €
Shaver for an ultra close shave (0.05 mm).
Before 186.00 €