Hair Powder & Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo and hair powder are two popular products that help add volume and texture to your hair between washes. Both products can help refresh and revitalize your hair, but they also have different benefits:

Dry shampoo
A dry shampoo absorbs excess oil from the hair - and is an effective way to remove excess oil from the scalp, leaving the hair fresh and clean. Some dry shampoos also give hold, fullness and texture to the hair. A dry shampoo is super easy to use, as you just need to spray the product on the scalp. In an instant, the shiny, greasy feeling is gone, as if your hair was freshly washed.

Hair powder
A hair powder gives fullness, volume and texture. A hair powder is a good choice if you are looking for a product that provides a stronger hold and more volume than a dry shampoo. A hair powder is sprinkled on the scalp and distributed with the fingertips, after which you achieve the full effect of the product.

Daimon Barber Texture Dust, 20 gr.
The performance of a liquid styling product in a power powder.
You Look Good Dry Shampoo, 200 ml.
Dry shampoo with a delicious scent that instantly refreshes the hair.
Beviro Magic Powder, Medium Hold, 35 ml.
Gives volume and has a mattifying effect.
A weightless powder that gives the hair a boost.
Before 32.70 €