Talcum Powder

Talcum powder has several uses and is a good problem solver to have at hand.

Talc is really good to use in places where you want to avoid moisture and bad odor. It is therefore great for sweating in the summer heat! Talcum keeps the skin smooth, dry and absorbs moisture. It minimizes excessive sweat production and enhances your scent with a lovely aroma.

The talc is also good after your daily shave to give a dry, smooth and fragrant skin. In some shaving salons, they use talcum as the last part of the shave after the aftershave is completely absorbed into the skin. They do this to take advantage of talc smoothing and soothing the skin.

Talcum powder is really good for those who have irritated and delicate skin, or for those who tend to have oily or moisturized skin. It is important that you apply talc to dry skin to get the full effect.
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Taylor Of Old Bond Street Luxury Talc, Sandalwood, 100 gr.
Leaves the skin silky smooth and prevents moisturized skin.
DR Harris Arlington Talcum Powder, 100 gr.
Leaves the skin silky smooth and prevents moisturized skin.
Geo F Trumper Talc, 100 gr.
Mildly scented talc. To be used after shaving.
Pinaud Clubman Talc, 255 gr.
Effectively keeps your skin dry. Good for moist areas and after shaving.
Proraso Aftershave Powder, 100 gr.
Talcum, which keeps the skin dry and fragrant.
Aluminium Box and Aftershave Powder.
Before EUR 17.30
Set with Talc and Spray Bottle.
Before EUR 14.70
Proraso Powder Box, Aluminium
Container for Aftershave Powder / Talcum.