Guide: How to use a talc

Talc is not just something used by grandfathers and babies, but is actually a product that you will also benefit from. And then you're probably thinking, why does a man like you need talcum powder? We will tell you a little about that in the following.
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What is talcum powder used for?

What is talcum powder used for?

Talc has many uses and is a really good problem solver to have on hand.

The rule of thumb is that talcum powder is used in places where you want to avoid moisture and bad smells. Talc keeps the skin dry, smooth and absorbs moisture. It minimizes excessive sweat production and improves your scent with a pleasant aroma. It is therefore fantastic against sweat in the summer heat - e.g. on the feet, between the thighs, etc.

Talc is also good after your daily shave to give dry, smooth and fragrant skin. In some barbershops, they use talc as the last part of the shave after the aftershave has been completely absorbed into the skin. They do this to take advantage of talc's smoothing and calming effect.

Talc is really good for those who suffer from irritated and sensitive skin, or for those who tend to have oily or moist skin.

Talc is actually also good for extreme running and longer runs.. Many recommend,
that you apply talcum powder to your feet the day before a race to avoid blisters.
How to apply talc

How to apply talc

1) Make sure to apply talcum powder to dry skin to get the full effect.

2) Sprinkle some talcum powder into your (dry) hands (or spray directly from a spray bottle)

3) Start by using less talcum powder than you think you need. You can always apply extra if needed

4) Rub the talcum powder into the exposed areas for 10 seconds, making sure it is distributed and worked into the skin

5) Take your hand and lightly pat the areas where you applied talcum powder to make sure everything is clean and smooth

It is always best to apply talcum powder while standing in the bathroom, as it is inevitable that some white particles will hit the floor. Therefore, remember to wipe off around you after you have used your talcum powder.
Practical bottle for dosing talc

Practical bottle for dosing talc

Applying talcum powder with your hands can be quite a hassle. That is why we naturally have some practical sprays for atomizing talc.

With a dosing spray, you can easily apply your talc. All you have to do is pour your talcum powder into the spray bottle, and when you need to use your talcum powder, just spray it on with a single pump or two.
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