The family-owned company, Speick Natural Cosmetics, celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2013. Speick is now in its third generation and is managed by Wikhart Teuffel, the grandson of founder Walter Rau.

The goal of Speick has always been the same: to develop natural cosmetics and natural products, with an eye to health, vitality, and natural beauty.

The products are based on the medical plant Speick that is known for its soothing and nurturing properties. It is known that the oil from the roots of the Speick plant has been used for skincare by the ancient Egyptians dating back to 500 years BC. Speick Natural Cosmetics is the only producer in the world to manufacture products containing the unique extract from the Speick plant.

You will find everything you need for a comfortable shave - shaving soap, shaving cream, shaving foam, aftershave - as well as nourishing and moisturizing products for the body and face.
Speick Wellness Soap with milk and honey, 200 gr.
A super nourishing and fragrant soap for bath and shower.
Speick Natural Soap, 100 gr.
Fresh and delicious hand soap with a mild scent of lavender.
Speick Activated Charcoal Soap, 100 gr.
Cleansing soap for face and body. With Activated Charcoal.
Speick Men Active Shaving Soap, 150 gr.
A very delicious shaving soap for a perfect shave.
Speick Men Shaving Stick, 50 gr.
A sebum-based shaving soap in a practical shave stick.
Speick Men Shaving Cream, 75 ml.
A delicious and rich shaving cream.
Speick Men Shaving Foam, 200 ml.
A gentle and nurturing shaving cream with a softening effect.
Speick Men Aftershave Balm, 100 ml.
A soothing and moisturizing aftershave conditioner.
Speick Men Aftershave Lotion, 100 ml.
A fresh and soothing aftershave lotion with menthol.
Speick Men Bio-Active Deo Spray, 75 ml.
Active deodorant with a nice fresh and masculine scent. Without aluminum.
Speick Men Deodorant Stick, 40 ml.
Active deodorant with a nice fresh and masculine scent. Without aluminum.
Speick Men Active Deo Stick, 40 ml.
Deodorant for long-lasting freshness. Without aluminum.
Speick Natural Active Deo Roll-on, Without Alcohol, Vegan, 50 ml.
Effective, vegan deodorant without alcohol and aluminum.
Speick Pure Deo Stick, 40 ml.
Effective deodorant. Without aluminum, fragrance and alcohol.
Speick Men Active Deo Roll-on, 50 ml.
Long-lasting effect – Reliable protection.
Speick Men Active Hair & Bodyshampoo, 200 ml.
With invigorating, plant-based active and moisturising ingredients.
Speick Hair Soap, 45 gr.
Natural hair soap for easy and thorough cleaning.
Speick Men Intensive Cream, 50 ml.
Super nourishing face cream for men.
Speick Men Body Lotion, 250 ml.
Fresh and moisturizing body lotion developed specifically for men's skin.
Speick Men Shower Gel, 250 ml.
Refreshing shower gel for body and hair.
Speick Sun Lotion, SPF 20, 150 ml.
Sun protection for face and body with SPF 20.
Speick Sun Cream, SPF 30, 60 ml.
Sun protection for face and body with SPF 30.
Speick Sun Cream, SPF 50+, 60 ml.
Sun protection for face and body with SPF 50+.
Speick After Sun Lotion, 200 ml.
Refreshing and intensely moisturizing aftersun.
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