Speick Men Active Aftershave Lotion, 100 ml.
Refreshes, invigorates and provides new energy for the skin.
Speick Men Active Intensive Cream, 50 ml.
Protective, quickly absorbed day cream with Q10.
Speick Cleansing Foam, Thermal Sensitiv, 115 ml.
Gentle and cleansing foam for the face. Prevents dryness.
Speick Natural Active Lip Care, 4.5 gr.
Provides long lasting protection for the lips.
Speick Day Cream Light, Thermal Sensitiv, 50 ml.
Light and effective day cream. Makes the skin beautiful, matte and moisturised.
Speick Men Active Face Fluid, 30 ml.
Fast absorbing cream - ideal after shaving
Speick Men Aftershave Balm, 100 ml.
A soothing and moisturizing aftershave conditioner.
Speick Men Aftershave Lotion, 100 ml.
A fresh and soothing aftershave lotion with menthol.
Speick Men Intensive Cream, 50 ml.
Super nourishing face cream for men.
Speick Protecting Day Cream, Thermal Sensitiv, 50 ml.
Effective day cream. Makes the skin beautiful, matte and moisturized.