nom shaving

Nom Shaving is behind a number of eye-catching razors at an extremely reasonable and competitive price. The shaving brush lasts for years and should undoubtedly fill a gap in your bathroom cabinet.

The shaving brushes from German Nom Shaving are made of high quality plastic and Europe's finest wood. The shaving brush is available in a variety of shapes and definitely in all your favorite colors. The nine different handles come in three different modern colors, and the brush head itself is also available in three versions, which are pure badger, natural hair, and the vegan black bristle.

The shaving brushes have names such as ALFRED, CARL, ERIK, LASSE, MARTEN, MAX, GUSTAV, OLE, THEO, and they are all manufactured in Germany using the most efficient technology.

It is Mühle Shaving who is behind the brand, which must be said to be a valuable stamp of quality. In other words, Nom is Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG's latest project. Nom is not only based on the last 70 years of expertise, but it goes a step further and guarantees an environmentally friendly production based on materials from local suppliers.