At Proshave, we can now offer the award-winning shaving and skincare products for men from American ZIRH. Since 1995, ZIRH has been manufacturing quality products for the man who will not compromise on his skin care or shaving. The products in the series contain only the best and most recognized ingredients that can address the needs of men in their daily care routine. Research, modern technology, and scientific tests are behind the development of the series. In this way, you are assured that the products are efficient and give you healthy and flawless skin.

The American brand has gained cult-status worldwide. Famous people, professional sportsmen, musicians, and ordinary men have become supporters of the fantastic products. So are we at Proshave!

There is no doubt that the products are designed with men in mind. This is clearly seen in the masculine packaging, the hand-picked ingredients, and the attractive texture of the products. Furthermore, the product series is super easy to use because ZIRH knows that men cannot be bothered with spending oceans of time in front of the mirror on a busy day.

In the series, you will find products for a close shave in the form of Pre-shave, Shaving Gel, Shaving Cream, and Aftershave. The assortment also includes skin care products such as Face Cream, Eye Cream, Face Cleanser, and Face Scrub.

Luxurious facial serum that protects against lines and wrinkles.
Before 127.20 €